A Blog For Myanmar Male Celebrities

I used to thought that only the lady celebrities have blogs that post their pictures, but I was proven wrong a year ago when I stumbled upon a blog dedicated to the male celebrities, called Myanmar Hunks. This blog has a lot of photo collection of Myanmar actors, singers, and models (some who I don’t even know at all). While some of the pictures are a nice collection of those collected from sites like Planet, online magazines and journals, some of the pictures were too disturbing that I didn’t visit that blog again until a day ago. I thought about posting a funny photo of a guy and a horse so I revisited that site and was more shocked this time with the visuals. Again, some are nice like those people with clothes on, but those half-nude photos really disturb me. Maybe I’m just being conservative to be offended although some are also really hilarious, for instance this random guy at the beach.

As you know, one of my hobby used to be making icons and someday when I feel like making icons, I want to have the resources in my computer. It seemed that I have never made any icons for Myanmar male celebrities except for one Sai Sai icon. Besides, the blog can be surfed with Tags so you can avoid seeing the ones you dislike.


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