Distant Certificate

I finally got my Dip.(ELTM) certificate even though I wasn’t supposed to receive it until the end of the year. How did I get it? It happened out of my sheer stupidity. I went to the institute to get my credential letter for the diploma, but when I got there, the office is mostly empty. The office staff I was supposed to see wasn’t there (again). Another person offered to help me so I showed a paper slip that showed what I’m supposed to receive. She told me to wait and went away to deal with another person. I looked at the paper slip and realized that I didn’t bring the correct paper slip. The one I’ve brought is the one to take out the certificate, not the confidential letter. I told her that I made a mistake, but she said she’ll give me the original certificate. I just have to give some money to her. The problem was I was broke since it’s near the end of the month and I had nothing in my bag except a single 1000 kyat. I would barely have enough money for the bus fares if I gave that to her. So, with a red face, I told her that I didn’t have enough money. I thought she would tell me to come back next time or something, but she just said that it was okay and I can still take the certificate with you. Wow! I couldn’t believe my luck. I still did have a little problem concerned with my national card ‘cuz I didn’t bring it and I have no copy of it. How was I supposed to know you need a national card to pick up your certificate? My photo was glued on that page already so she can just check the faces. It’s not like I look different with short hair. Thankfully, she gave in and told me to just sign the paper. Then, I finally receive my long awaited diploma.

Sometimes I do kinda miss my diploma class especially when I’m staying home all day with nothing to do. Although it’s only been like a year, it feels like a long time ago since I attended ELTM classes. All those times, I never had a time to rest. Even though it’s only a morning class, it consumed most of my times since I had to do research, write assignments, and not to mention sit for those difficult exams. It seems like a long time ago when I used to walk from the institute to UFL, praying that the teachers won’t scold me for being late. I don’t exercise regularly. Actually, I don’t exercise at all, but I counted that 15 minute walk as part of my regular exercise.

Sometimes I think about what I would be asked in a job interview about the ELTM class. They might think it seemed irresponsible for me to quit my job just to attend the diploma course, but for me, it was definitely worth quitting my job. I was planning to quit anyway even if the school administrators allowed me to attend it. The only thing I regret about the course is that unlike my English diploma class, our ELTM class isn’t that united. Even my own group was spitted in two sides. People were reluctant to share their papers with other groups because they are afraid that others will become better than them.


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