Thxa Soe, the person who would never copy

Thingyan is coming nearer and it just seems to be incomplete without upbeat (and annoying) techno and electro music, along with the classic Thingyan songs. It’s also the time for Thxa Soe to release his new album. Since playing international music (mostly English songs) on the Thingyan pavillions is banned, people are surely going to play his albums, but I have a feeling that most of them will be be played from pirate CDs.

In this week issue of Now!, Thxa Soe revealed that his new album would feature new own-tune classic songs written by him. Hmm..I’m a bit curious about that.

I’m a lazybum who don’t want to translate the article. So, you can read it yourself by clicking on the thumbnails below.

His album will be released on April 4th.


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