Second Book Buffet

After participating in the first book buffet, I was excited when I read that the second book buffet is in town. My sister and I were determined to arrive there first thing in the morning last Sunday. But as soon as I went upstairs to take a look at the book, I was disappointed to see only old books, mostly romance books. I do like reading romance books, but I prefer Nicholas Sparks style rather than those twenty years old books. Before I could decide whether to buy the paper bag, my sister told me to buy it. So, I bought the bag and regretted immediately five minutes later. I thought about having my money refund, but I know they wouldn’t allow that. It was so difficult to find some good books among those romance trash. Last year, I also have trouble picking books, but that was because there were so many to choose from. Most of the books were brand new and would have cost a lot in their original prices. Finally, we settled with science fictions and fantasy. The only thing really was worth buying was “The Fellowship of the Ring”. I already own the book, but it was so dirty that I didn’t want to even touch it. I only read it once because I was so drawn into the story.

We still managed to get 13 books like last time. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get better books, but then again, these books were donated by Nargis Library Recovery Project. The profit gained from these books will be donated so at least, that makes me feel better.

These are what I managed to put into the paper bag.

Arthur C. Clarke – Glide Path
Agatha Christie – Passenger to Frankfurt
Tom Clancy – The Cardinal of the Kremlin
Carl Sagan – Contact
Lilian Jackson Braun – The Cat Who Robbed a Bank
J.R.R Tolkien – The Fellowship of the Ring
Nancy Warrens – Aftershocks
Robert Ludlum – The Bourne Supremacy
Robert Ludlum – The Gemini Contenders
Piers Anthony – Total Recall
Carolyn Keene – The Nancy Drew Files : Case #53 – Trail of Fires
Christopher Stasheff – M’ Lady Witch
James Patterson – 4th of July

Since I still haven’t read most of the books from the first book buffet, I think I have enough for Thingyan vacation. Hah..I’m on vacation every single day anyway πŸ˜€ The only bad thing is that I no longer can fit all these books on my tiny bookshelf and the big bookselves are also full 😦 I seriously need a new bookself.

On that same day, I went to Sein Gay Har on Pyay Road to get the free ticket for Sai Sai concert. I was given a ticket, but that cashier girl pissed me off. She clearly doesn’t know anything about damage control. Before she gave the ticket, we had to show her the DVD. We kept the DVD just the way it was when we first bought it so everything was in it including the poster, stickers, etc. It also has a protective DVD cover, which was made of cardboard. She first took the cardboard made cover and punched two holes in it. Unsatisifed with it, she then took out the DVD cover and punched holes again. Then, she stamped a seal on the cover. I can understand stamping the cover, but she didn’t have to go all the way to stamping another seal on the poster. I know I’m not some teenager to freak over it, but I like the things to remain as it was. Her paranoid behavior was really insulting.

While we were there, some guys came over to buy his VCD, but it was out of stock. I think people bought them all to get free tickets.

What’s up with bats? It’s not even Halloween yet.


3 thoughts on “Second Book Buffet

  1. i know about what’s up with bats (he told me his bday show theme)..hehe..but i can’t tell yet though πŸ˜€
    he told me about this hair style..i couldn’t figure out though..thnx for sharing here..i wish to see photo from his show..wil u go? πŸ˜€

    • No, I can’t go ‘cuz my parents are going to be out of town that night. Also, they will never let me go in the first place even if I have free ticket. I think there’s gonna be some kind of lucky draw from the tickets ‘cuz I wrote in the survey at the back of the ticket. I think my sister will give it away to her co-worker.

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