The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

When I first heard of Kim Bum being cast in “The Woman You Still Wants to Marry” as a guy who fell in love with a 34 years old woman, I was skeptical about the outcome. I thought it would be a disaster. I couldn’t really imagine the sweet and boyish actor to be paired with someone who’s way older than him.

However, when I started watching the drama, I was so drawn into it that I forgot that Kim Bum was in it until he appeared at the end of the first episode. Even though it was just a few minutes appearance, I overacted like a teenager. And I grew to love him more and more as the plot line thickens. Plus, he can sing :). I love his song “The Woman Who Broke My Guitar”. “Gobaek” is also good, but I prefer the original singer from “A Wolf’s Attraction” OST.

My favorite character beside Min-jae is Da Jung. She’s just really adorable and all the mess she gets into herself, not to mention getting her friends also in trouble is really hilarious. Shin-young is pretty hilarious, but Da Jung stole my attention whenever she’s on screen. Bu-ki is the calmer person among her friends, but I couldn’t believe she would dance around with Da Jung after Ban-seok told Da Jung that he loves her (after he left of course).

Right now, I’m stuck on episode 10 since I can’t find no newer episodes on DVD. Yeah, you won’t believe it, but I could find its DVD (although not complete) while it was still airing in Korea.


4 thoughts on “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

  1. Good for you to find DVD there, how’s the quality. I have not watch any of the episode. I just finished watching Pasta which was OK. nothing really special. I think Kdrama starting to bore me. May be becasuse my addiction grew and wanting more quality drama (like drug addict…ha ha ha). Happy watching Kdrama Mady…

    • Maybe you should try Jdramas if you are tired of Kdramas. Even though I like Kdramas, it’s always refreshing to watch Jdramas. But I haven’t watch any new Jdramas since I quit my job. Now, I’m watching Dragon Zakura again since ‘God of Study’ is based on it. I’m going to watch that kdrama later.

  2. im so inlove with this drama right now. the plot is really great. my fave character is Buki.. so sool and outspoken, very straight forward. i love her outlook in life. plus she’s really gorgeous..kekeke^_^
    and of course, who could resist Kim Bum’s heart-melting smile? OMG..
    one of my faves now…^_^

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