I Will Be Silent From Now On

From now on, I’ll try to be silent. I will not participate in any conversation at home especially at night ‘cuz that’s when the situation always gets out of control. Is it really my fault for being a retorter? I was just expressing my point of view and suddenly, I’m this disobedient, worthless, arrogant person who know absolutely nothing about the world I’m in living. I am tired of being mentally wounded all the time. I am sick of screaming in my head ‘cuz I can’t say anything, do anything except moping around in my room. I don’t want light conversation with my sister to be used against me in these so called ‘educative talks’.


2 thoughts on “I Will Be Silent From Now On

  1. If you can not say anything at home, say it here over the net. I used to argued with my sister for over 20 years and about 5 years ago I gave it up. Just not to say anything negative toward her. I just complained it to my wife who is my sister best friend since 5th grade. So they can gossip about me behind my back… Ha ha ha

    • Yeah…that’s what I’ve been doing whenever I got frustrated. Sorry for being secretive but I don’t want that person to find out what I wrote and no, that person isn’t my sister.

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