About my Myanmar movies reviews

I’ve been wondering whether I should waste my time writing reviews for Myanmar movies. Aside from the comments from my regular readers, I get no other feedback. I mean I do enjoy writing them, but sometimes they take up too much time (like ‘The Trail of Clouds which took me more than 3 hours to write) and I get lazy if I don’t post immediately. I still have two movies to review, but instead of writing them, I wrote a review for another movie. I’ll post that one later when I come online again.

You might wonder why I waste my time with them since I am not a big fan of Myanmar movies in the first place. Well, it’s because I want a record of them online. I mean nobody really writes about Myanmar entertainment in English aside from me. I guess since I enjoy reading the drama reviews by javabeans, I wanted to write something in return. I used to write more about Kdramas and stuff, but now I write less ‘cuz the information can be found elsewhere and I’m always late with the info most of the times.

I’m not a critic and I don’t have the skills to be a movie critic. There are still many things I lack about movie industry so I just wrote from my point of view without dissing people. I always try my best not to dis people since nobody likes being criticized and I don’t want to be such a cynic. Am I a cynic? I like I do enjoy writing from the negative point of view.

It’s also been awhile since I post reviews about Myanmar albums and VCDs/DVDs also. Like I said, I’m a lazy person so I only write when I’m in the mood and if the information is still update to share online.


7 thoughts on “About my Myanmar movies reviews

  1. I rarely watch Myanmar movies too. Despite the fact that it would probably be a waste of your time, it could also be a guide which will help someone to choose and watch the categories he/she is interested. The major drawback of Myanmar movies are lack of options in terms of categories (eg. Adventure, Action, Horror, etc) since most of them are just Dramas. Anyway, it’s still a great idea I think.

  2. Just like greenkernal I almost never watch Myanmar movies. But someone got to write the reviews for those who still watch them I guess πŸ™‚ Why don’t you do it on our website with a link back to this blog so many more people can enjoy what you have written.

  3. please do. It’s good to read (and write) movie review.

    I used to think watching Myanmar movies is just a waste of time leave aside writing reviews. But actually it’s not because mm movies still influence many thousands (perhaps millions of people in Myanmar, outside the country –overseas, refugee camps, migrant communities, etc. Whether or not they are good enough to be measured against internatinal standard, they still teach, guide, shape and sustain norms and prejudices.

    cheers to your blog.

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s really been awhile since I updated my blog. Lately, I have only been posting in Facebook Notes and re-post some of them to my other blog in Myanmar since I get more feedback when I write in Myanmar. It’s been awhile since I have watched Myanmar movies (excluding that horrible film I watched with my friends a few months ago). I haven’t been to the movie rental shop for such a long time. Lately, I’ve been only watching cable channels. Even when I watch a movie, I no longer feel the urge to write a review on it. Maybe it’s a part of growing up or something.

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