God of Study

I wasn’t really planning to watch this drama for the holiday. In fact, I was watching The Return of Illgimae and I also had to finish watching The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. However, when I read the description on the back of the DVD I bought from Chinatown, I knew I had to watch it because it was a Korean remake of Dragon Zakura. So, before I watched God of Study, I re-watched Dragon Zakura and maybe it was a bad choice ‘cuz I ended up comparing the two dramas even though they are not exactly alike. Truthfully, I prefer the Japanese drama because it was more funny and short to the point. I prefer the unemotional face of Sakuragi Sensei ‘cuz it made the drama more interesting.

So, before I rant on, here’s the storyline from wiki.d-addicts.com for those who haven’t watched neither of the drama.

Kang Suk Ho is an ordinary lawyer who decides to take up a job at the nearby high school. After seeing the conditions of the school and the poor grades all the students have, Suk Ho decides to create a special class promising admission to the most prestigious college in Korea, “Chun-Ha-Dae University.” Five of the most laziest students – Hwang Baek Hyun, Gil Pul Ip, Na Hyun Jung, Hong Chan Doo, and Oh Bong Goo join the class to in order to prove that they can do it with hard work and dedication.

I’m not saying this drama isn’t good. It’s just that I knew the story ahead, just like when I was watching Boys Over Flower, so it was predictable. It was less fun than the Japanese drama ‘cuz the teachers are more serious about the study.

I must admit that I am starting to have a crush on Yoon Seung Ho. I have always liked him as a child actor, especially in ‘Heart Is’ movie. (Gosh, I cried bucketful of tears while watching that movie.) I only have to stop seeing Yamapi in his place in order to enjoy his character.

My favorite character is the drama is actually Go Pulip, whose role was performed by Go Ah Sung. She is just so adorable. I didn’t like Ji Yeon that much as Na Hyun Jung until she cut her hair ‘cuz she was trying too much to be cute, unlike the cute girl in the Japanese drama. Her character was combined with the cute girl and the jealous girlfriend since there was only five students chosen for the special class. The same goes for Lee Hyung Woo as Hyung Chan Doo ‘cuz sometimes I was feeling undecided about whether he’s really cute or acting to be cute. I didn’t recognize him as the kid from The Legend and The Return of Illgimae until I read his profile on wiki. Lee Chan Ho (Oh Bong Goo) isn’t that bad, but sometimes his acting needs improvement especially when he cries. Sorry, he really didn’t touch my heart like Lee Hong Ki did in You’re Beautiful.

I was happy to see Bae Doo Na as the assistant teacher, but I wish she was more like Ino Sensei. Again, I kept comparing to the original drama, but she would have been more funnier. I almost didn’t recognize Oh Yoon Ah as Jang Ma Ri. I watched her in Surgeon Bon Dal Hee before, but she was so different in that drama.

What I really didn’t like in this drama is the so called love triangle or rectangle or whatever. At first Baek Hyun and Pulip were into each other, but then suddenly after the event with Na Hyun Jung, their feelings for each other seemed to have disappeared among the chaos. Also, why bother to show that little love triangle between Kang Suk Ho, Han Soo Jung, and Jang Ma Ri if none of them ended up with each other at the end. Oops..sorry…

The ending was a bit confusing for me ‘cuz while a person can study vet medicine in Chun Ha University, one has to go to another university to take up medicine studies (sorry..another give away.)Also, I don’t like the fact that just because one university doesn’t accept a student, that person has to try again next year. Why can’t he/she (see, I’m not trying to give away the ending) attend another university instead? After all, they did get good grades on their university exam. Even in America, one can apply to several universities and choose the one which accepted them, right? In Myanmar, no matter how much scores you get on the exam, as long as you passed it, you can apply for university, but of course you won’t get into the university you desire. The total marks for UFL and Medical College is the highest in the country. The top universities accept students based on their exam scores so those that didn’t score much has no choice but to take distant education. Even in distant education, there are still limits. It was only in my year that they accepted many students to major in English. Okay, I’ll stop now and get back to the drama.

It still was educational for me ‘cuz I was now motivated to pick up my 1100 words vocabulary book and start studying five words per day. Well, I try to study, but sometimes I just study 20 words in one day ‘cuz I forgot to study regularly.

As for the OST, I was pretty getting weary of hearing ‘Because I’m Weary’ all the time and the other songs didn’t attract me that much. I really didn’t know Ji Yeon was Na Hyung Jung even though she sang in the ost.I thought she was another girl from Kara. She really looks like her. Gosh, I can never tell these girl bands apart aside from Wonder Girls and 2NE1.

I found some cute manga pictures for God of Study on Facebook.



God of Study Fan Page on Facebook


3 thoughts on “God of Study

  1. the reason he/she wanted another year was to re-dedicate him/herself to what he/she wanted to do most. you could see him/her at the end doing so.

    • Yeah, it’s a little different from the Dragon Zakura ending. In that drama, the two students were going to try to get into Tokyo University the next year.

  2. Same as you, KIL PULIP is my fav chara. She’s everything you wish for a girlfriend, best friend, student, daughter. She’s also cute in her own different way from na hyunjung & I like her smooth silky black hair, I tried to get a haircut like her but not as good as her.

    For boys characters I’m more into Chandoo. Therefore I love Chandoo & Pulip couple.

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