Unhappy New Year

Should I say ‘happy new year’? There’s a part of me that don’t want to say it.

My Thingyan this year has been as usual. Just like last year, I stayed home during the whole festival, watching dramas and movies, and reading when the electricity was out. My parents were on vacation and I was left in charge of the treasury at home, even though I wasn’t the eldest in the house. I am in fact the youngest now. My aunt was asked to come over while my parents were away and she just spend most of the times sleeping or cooking with my cousin. My holiday would have been a usual one if not for the terrible news of the bomb attack in Yangon. Although I am not in the Thingyan spirit, there were youngsters who were enjoying the festival in front of my house by throwing water to the passing car. As the bomb attack happened before the last day, there were hardly any Thingyan cars on our road the next day. I felt sorry for the kids who were disappointed that they didn’t get the enjoy it fully as they should have been.

Two days later, I heard about the bomb blast in Myitsone. I was at first worried because just in the morning, my parents called from their trip and told us that they were at Myitsone now. But since they were there in the morning, they must be on their way to Laizar by the time the bombs exploded. So far, they haven’t called us, but I’m sure they are okay. My father has his mobile phone with him so we can call him and leave messages.

I’ve been dying to use the internet for days now, but the nearest cyber cafe was closed until today. Today is their 3rd anniversary so internet usage is free for the day.


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