Recent Favorite Bands

Lately, I’ve been wasting my money by buying DVDs with Korean Performances. Some of them are months while the latest one I bought was just 2 months old. Each DVD costs around 1400 kyats (but I bought the last one for 1500 kyats) and so far, there are six volumes. I am happy that I can finally watch the latest (or nearly the latest) performances, but I am unsatisfied with the DVDs. Most of them contain only boybands and girlbands with the exception of Bi and Hyori. There are about 25-30 performances in each DVD, but there are only about 10 artists (including the bands) and the rest are repeats of the same song performances on different days. For example, just to watch some performances by C.N Blue, I had to pay 1400 kyats for a DVD that include newbies boybands and girlbands. I used to believe that by watching the performances, I might like the bands more, but now I’m starting to dislike some of the groups after watching the performances, even though I kinda of like the songs. I don’t recognize any of them and I can’t tell their voices apart most of the times.

So, I want to make a list of my favorite bands.

Five Favorite Boybands
1. Shinhwa
2. Big Bang
3. C.N Blue
4. 2AM
5. G.O.D

Others boybands I listen to (occasionally or sometimes)
2PM, F.T Island, DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee, V.O.S, SG Wannabe, Fly to the Sky, J-Walk, SS501, MBLAQ, BEAST, D-NA, T-Max, ZE:A, U-Kiss, 1TYM, Someday

Five Favorite Girlbands
1. 2NE1
2. Wonder Girls
3. 4 Minute
4. Brown Eyed Girls
5. Miss A (It’s too early to judge now)

Others girlbands I listen to (occasionally or sometimes)
Girls’ Generation, T-Ara, After School, Black Pearl, SeeYa, Davichi, f(x), Miss $

I think I listen to more boybands than girlbands. Among the boybands in my list, Shinhwa is inactive and G.O.D has disbanded. Even so, I love those bands a lot. Maybe I’m getting too old for newbies and I prefer listening to old kpop songs. But, I still like some of the new bands like C.N Blue. Actually, I’m really addicted to C.N Blue and it’s surprising for me because I usually don’t listen to rock at all. As for 2AM, when I mentioned about them on Facebook, someone told me that 2PM is more popular. I won’t deny that fact, but I like the former more since they can sing beautiful ballad. Also, I like Im Seulong a lot 🙂 The best thing about all the five bands on my list is that I can tell all the voices apart.

Even among the girlbands, I only know the names of the band members from 2NE1 and Wonder Girls. As for others, it’s quite hopeless although I do catch some names like Hyun A (4Minute), Yoonah, Tiffany, Tae Yeon (Girls’ Generation although I only remember Yoonah because she was in some dramas), Jiyeon (T-Ara as she was in God of Study drama) and that girl from You’re Beautiful, in After School. I added Miss A to the list ‘cuz I couldn’t think of another band that I like a lot lately. I can only tell the girls’ voices apart in 2NE1 and sometimes Wonder Girls (after I watched their music videos or performances).

I am really getting sick of the same old pop/dance music. It’s just the bands who are changing, but the music is still pretty much the same. I’ve been doing a collection of old kpop songs for a friend and they are such a refreshment from the typical kpop songs. Maybe I’m tired to the new songs because I only get to watch boybands and girlbands on the DVDs that are available in the market. I pretty much prefer solo artists and those who aren’t all that famous yet deserve better ratings than most of the bands in the top chart.

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