Bad But Good

Inspired by the title of Miss A’s first single, I started to get ideas about people who seem bad but actually good inside. The song, “Bad Girl, Good Girl” describes a girl who dislike being discriminated based on her outside appearance.

That reminds me of “An Evening with the Cursers”, a short story written by Jue. In this story, a married couple went to see a football match one evening. The wife was quite annoyed at a group of men sitting near them because they kept swearing at the football players and she couldn’t stand their insolent manners. As she was leaving the stadium, she took a quick look at them and judged quickly that they are of a lower working class. She was quite pleased to be away from their presence, but to her dismay, they waited at the same bus stop with the couple and also got on the same bus. The couple were able to get seats on the bus while the men had to stand. The whole time the bus was moving, their voices were the loudest in the bus and the wife was blaming herself being stingy to take a taxi. After a while, the bus stopped suddenly and the conductor asked the passengers to help push the bus to start the engine. The insolent men along with other men who were standing got off the bus to help push the car. She wanted her husband to go out and help, but he didn’t even seem to interested. She later found out that he didn’t get up in fear of losing his seat. She was extremely ashamed of herself, her husband, and all the men who were sitting on the bus while those men who she had looked down were willing to help and didn’t even blame the selfish men sitting on the bus. At the end of the story, she tried to assure herself that if the situation was reverse, maybe they might not be willing to help, but it’s really difficult to predict of course.

So, just because they appear to be ill-mannered does not mean that they are bad people. So, how about those people who appear to be good on the outside, but don’t have good characters on the inside. Let’s just say A is a multimillionaire tycoon who has donated millions to needy places, but he does backdoor handling such as bribery, etc to get special favors and business deals. In such case, should we consider A as a bad person? If so, how about all the good deeds that he has done? Do they account for nothing at all?


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