Exam is Over!!!

Yes, finally my first semester exam is finally over. I’ve been quite busy writing notes and studying for the exam while also trying to finish a group assignment which had to be done within 10 days, but I couldn’t finish it in time so it took 11 days for me to finish it. For the assignment, we had to compare news stories and their translation and see what strategies had been used in overcoming non-equivalence. It was really difficult because the reporters didn’t stick to their original versions and wrote whatever they like so it took me a couple of days to extract the sentences which are nearly the same. Next time, if I have to turn in an assignment, I’ll work together with my group instead of handling all/most of it all by myself.

The assignment stole most of my studying hours and I didn’t have the chance to study properly until the 11th. Luckily, we only have to study for two subjects as the other two are unseen. So, I think I did pretty well on my exam except for the first subject, Linguistic. I really don’t like Linguistic. I didn’t get to properly learn it until I started the diploma course and even then, I was bored with learning about all those theories. The only thing I like in that subject was drawing the tree structures, but the ones asked on the exam were pretty short, but difficult to draw.

After the exam, we had to take the oral exam in the afternoon. Even though we only had 20 students in our class, it took nearly 3 hours for all of us to finish. We had to wait for our classmates as we were planning to go to Kandawgyi afterward. It was nearly 4pm when we left the university and we arrived there around 4:45 pm. I haven’t been to Kandawgyi for awhile and I was surprised to see the lake so dirty and green with algae. Also, we couldn’t find any trash cans so we had to carry the trash around until a security guard told us to just leave them on the ground as they will be collected afterward.

Btw, the burgers there are quite delicious and not too expensive, just 1000 kyats, which is a regular price, but the ice coffee was pretty expensive. I had to pay 700 kyats for a cup made with a coffee mix which only costs 100 kyats.

Sunset in Kandawgyi

Now that the exam is over, I can rest for two whole months 😀 I’ve bought so many movies and dramas so I think I’ll try to finish them first before I buy new ones. Also, I think I’ll explore my own library at home before borrowing new books from AC. I have bought so many books from book buffet and I have read like one or two book. Right now, I’m currently reading “Stupid White Men” by Michael Moore. Actually, I started reading it two days ago while I was supposed to be studying.. I think I’ll re-read most of the Myanmar novels I used to collect like Taryar Min Wai, Ni Ko Ye’ and Jue. Perhaps if I’m in the mood, I’ll write the book reviews here.


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