Kdramas I’ve Been Watching

It’s been nearly two months since my first semester exam ended and I have been lazing back at home doing absolutely nothing much except watching dramas, movies, and reading books. At first, I was relieved to have some free times on my own away from school works, but now I’m getting restless for having nothing to do. Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t finish most of the dramas that I have been watching. Before, I attempted to catch up with the latest popular kdramas, but now I rather spend my times watching back older dramas – the ones which I truly enjoy watching and don’t need the urge to start pressing the forward button on the remote control or on the media player. I did managed to finish at least one new drama, which I bought immediately after it arrived in ‘Tokyo’ DVD shop. That drama is none other than “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”.

At first, I thought about writing about the drama separately, but as usual, I’m too lazy to capture the pictures and it would take a long time to search for them on the internet. I won’t bother with drama summaries since they could be easily found of dramawiki and other blogs.

MGIAG is by far the best drama I have seen this year although I still enjoyed “Personal Taste” and “The Woman Who Wants to Marry”. I have always been a fan of Shin Minah ever since I saw her in “Punch” drama on MWD. When I read the drama recaps by javabeans and girlfriday, I’m surprised to see that some of the people who commented didn’t know who she was. As for Lee Seungi, I have watched a couple of episodes of “Sharing Inheritance”, but I ended up watching the ending with my mother and my cousin so I still haven’t managed to watch back from the start. Maybe, some day, I’ll try to watch it back. “Famous Princess”, in which he co-starred as this bratty university student who had to marry the youngest sister of the family, is getting popular here, but I can’t seem to like his character. For me, I only enjoy watching him in MGIAG. The only thing I didn’t like about MGIAG was that it was a bit too melodrama – those separations were too sad for me. Even so, I’m already thinking of repeating it before the second semester starts again. I am already starting to forget some of the scenes and I need to refresh my memory.

These captures are from episode 15 where Byun-soo and Sun-nyeo daydreamed about ‘the unimaginable’ after receiving the wedding invitations.

Just when I was feeling sad because of the melodrama, their imaginations were outright hilarious.

-This is the scene where Dae-woong grabbed Dong-joo at the wedding altar.

-But of course, the last one, “The three of us are siblings. We have to get revenge for our parents” was just pure genius.

In MGIAG, the stars of “You’re Beautiful” appeared as cameos for brief moments in the drama. Ever since seeing Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Ki, I was determined to watch back YAB, which I finished just recently. It’s my third time watching back the drama and I’ll never get tired of it. During my first time, I was more focused on JGS and PSH, but on my second time, I started to pay more attention to JYH and LHK. Now that I’m a big fan of C.N Blue, I think I paid more attention to Yonghwa this time.

While watching YAB, PSH reminded me a lot of Eunhye so after I finished it, I’m now watching Coffee Prince again. Unlike YAB, this is only second time watching it although it’s my favorite kdrama of all times. It’s nice to just watch back my favorite couple and the coffee princes while listening to the Indies music featured in the drama. I only felt sad sometimes whenever I see Lee Eon, who had passed away two years ago 😦

I also bought “Playful Kiss” immediately on the day it arrived at ‘Tokyo’ DVD shop. I had to pay twice the amount because it came in 2 discs. At that time, I didn’t mind paying because I was anxious to watch the drama. So, for a couple of days, I was hooked to the drama and it was painful to de-attach myself away from the TV screen to do some errands for my mother. The drama was light and fun, at first, and I thought the couple’s relationship will develop after their first kiss, but I was wrong. I won’t lie when I say I started disliking Seung-jo after he started university. His cold attitude towards Hani was really getting on my nerves and I kept shouting in my mind to Hani to forget about him and find someone who will love her back.

I mean what’s so great about Baek Seung-jo? I know he’s extremely smart and is good in everything including cooking. After all, he’s a character from a manga. I started doubting whether I might still hate him if I read the manga or it was because of the script and KHJ’s acting. I’m not saying he’s a bad actor, but his robot-like character was killing me. So, I have stopped watching the drama after episode 11 and I skipped to the end and watched a bit of it. Now that I know how it ended, I’m not interested to finishing the rest of the drama. Like I said, it is just too painful to see him tormenting the girl and I also got frustrated with Hani for knowing only to follow him wherever he goes.

After getting frustrated with Playful Kiss, I attempted to watch “Oh My Lady”, but I have started to lose interest in the drama too. The only reason I started watching the drama was because of Cho Si Won, but in the end, my favorite character is his character’s cute daughter and I was only watching the drama for her sake. I can’t seem to think of him and Chae Rim as a couple, but they look more like mother and son. That thought never occurred to me when I watched Kim Bum and Park Jin Hee in “The Woman Who Wants to Marry”. I think the age difference between that couple is greater than CSW-CR couple, but they seem to match each other quite well and I recall many moments in which I was jealous of PJH when she was with Kim Bum. I also dislike Park Han Byul’s character a lot. She reminds me of her character is “Fantasy Couple”. I still call her ‘Flower Pot’, a name which Anna (Han Ye Sul) gave her in “Fantasy Couple”.

“Cinderella’s Sister” is also top in my list of unfinished dramas, because I have only managed to watched two and a half episode after buying it two months ago. The reviews aren’t that great so I am never in the mood to return to it even though I like the casts (except that annoying Cinderella).

Perhaps after I finished watching Coffee Prince, I’ll shift my attention back to American dramas. I should finish watching Vampire Diaries and watch the dramas Phantom burned for us a couple of months ago.


2 thoughts on “Kdramas I’ve Been Watching

    • yes..I’ve skipped to those scenes and I do enjoy the kissing scene in the rain, the wedding, and the last scene in honeymoon. yeah..i’ll watch them, but first I’m waiting for haru fansubs finish subbing the drama.

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