January Sharing

I want to share some of the my favorite videos at the moment. Most of them are like three or four months old because I haven’t watch any recent videos.

2NE1 – Painful

G20 – Let’s Go (Korean Version)

2AM – To You Who’s Not Picking Up the Phone

2AM – Like Being Crazy

2PM – I’ll Be Back

BEAST – Beautiful

Co-Ed – Bbi Ri Bbom Bbae Ri Bbom

Truthfully, I’m only sharing this one because I like the song, but the video is too Lady Ga Ga for my taste.

JYJ – Ayy Girl

F.Cuz – Midnight Sun

Oh Won Bin – I Love You, I Love You (feat. Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls)

Tae Yeon & The One – Like A Star

Huh Gak – Always (or is it Whenever?)

You can download the above songs from the following playlists:

Kpop Hits 10/2010

Kpop Hits 11/2010

And newer songs from these playlists:

Kpop Hits 12/2010

Kpop Hits 01/2011

Note: Sorry, but I don’t have time to embed all off the videos today. I’ll update the list later on.


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