My Hectic New Year

Happy Belated New Year!

I know it’s too late to say this, but I want to wish all my readers (very few readers) a happy new year and a happy independence day to the Myanmar readers.

Normally, I always pose my new year wish exactly or before the new year, but this time I was too busy to come online. In fact, I haven’t post anything since November. I apologize for my lateness. At first, I didn’t post anything because of the internet connection and then I got lazy to even come online afterward.

So, I’ll summarize what I did in the past two months. Well, it’s a little long so please be patient.

In the third week of November, I went to Chaung Thar Beach with MYIA as part of a youth camp. I had tons of fun and I made a lot of new friends within our group.

Below are the two scenic photos I took at the beach.

Then, the second semester started in December so I have been quite busy with schoolwork ever since. We had four new subjects and Sociolinguistic, the one taught by the professor, is the most difficult one for me (and all my classmates). I have to keep reading the text over and over again until I can understand it, but I forget almost everything I read a few days later so I have to read from the start again.

Besides being busy at school on the weekdays, I’m also busy on weekends as I have to work from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and teach tuition from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. It’s tiring to juggle the time between the two students, but the students are really sweet and they really show respect to the teacher unlike my previous students. So, even though I’m tired, I’m happy with this job and I can earn more money now.

I got two weekends off from my work for the Christmas & New Year weekends so I was looking forward to rest at home. But I really didn’t to spend much time at home. On Christmas Day, I went to La Pyae Wun Orphanage with MYIA and spent the whole day there. Then, on Sunday, I had to run errands for my mother and then accompany her at the hospital.

– The second person from the right is me šŸ™‚

I was really looking forward to rest on the New Year weekend, but much to my dismay, I was selected to participate in the round-table discussion in commemoration of the 63rd Independence Day at school. I only found on Wednesday afternoon and I had to find the objectives and the related articles on that evening and the next day. Because of the tutorials and the classes, we (the participants) couldn’t discuss anything about it fully until on Friday morning. Even then, our discussion was interrupted by another tutorial and classes. Since it was new year’s eve, it was difficult for us to meet again after school.

Although I couldn’t stay the whole night, I celebrated part of the night with my friends from MYIA. It was a memorable day for me because while everyone was dressed stylishly, I was still dressed in my school uniform. We exchanged gifts and I got a pink teddy bear from someone while I gave a photo album to Ma Aeint.

And then, I had to wake up early for three straight days to arrive early at Hlaedan (and the school on Monday). Never in my life have I imagine that I would spend the new year from morning to night discussing about something that none of us was enthusiastic about doing in the first place. As a joke, someone from our group said that ‘we lost our independence to fully enjoy our weekend to prepare for the independence day’s event’. It was extremely tiring to come up with ideas and write them down while avoiding certain subjects and especially certain people in question. Still, it was really memorable because we (the five of us) spent two whole days together, discussing, joking, debating, eating and practicing on top of the RC Center in the Yangon University.

Nevertheless, it was finally over yesterday morning and it went smoothly except for my stammering because I forgot my lines twice. It was truly the longest ten minutes (okay. more than ten minutes) of my life.

I’m fully resting today at home and I’ll be at Hlawgar tomorrow with my classmates from the English diploma class. I doubt that more than ten people will come tomorrow. I was busy and lazy to call everyone so I only emailed them.

Credit pic: me & dawn1o9 (the Christmas pic)


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