English Diploma Reunion At Hlaw Gar Park

Ever since we parted on the graduation last year, we made a promise to meet each other once a year or at least some of us had promised. We decided to meet every year on Kayin New Year or at least for this year. Sadly, only nine of us were able to come to the reunion this year. Since it’s the holiday week, most of the students were busy with other arrangements like going on trips, tuitions, etc.

We first met at Thamine Junction at 9 AM and rented the bus to Hlaw Gar Park. The bus fare cost 1000 kyats per person while the tickets cost 500 kyats per person. We didn’t have to pay for the sightseeing tour bus and best of all, no camera fees :). I really hate paying for camera fees which I think is just a rip-off from the visitors. Even in the Botanical Garden in Pyin Oo Lwin, we had to pay 1000 kyats for the ticket while camera fees were paid based on their types. Since Htoo Trading has taken over Hlaw Gar Park, I’m afraid that the park will overcharge in the future like in Pyin Oo Lwin. They did overcharge the animal food in the park. My friends had to pay 1000 kyats for some chopped pieces of sugarcane to feed the elephants.

Anyway, I regret that I didn’t take the photos with the sightseeing tour bus, which was shaped like a white tiger, with my camera because Ma SZO took them with he camera. Otherwise, I would have shared them here.

We got off at Station 3 and had lunch together on the floor after covering it with journals and newspapers. Even though our group was small, we had a lot of fun as we chit chat and listen to sermons by Ko HMT.

On the way back, we had to wait quit a long time for the sightseeing tour bus and even when it came, we had difficulties in getting seats because a group of kids and adults jumped on it immediately. In the end, KO HMT had to hang from the bus’s side all the way to the gate 😦

In 2011, Kayin New Year fell on Christmas Day on a Sunday. That’s too bad because we only have one holiday now instead of two. We are planning to meet at People’s Park on that day. I hope more people will come on that day. I’ll inform them via e-mail when the time comes.


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