The Social Network

A few days ago, my friend asked me what I understand by the term ‘social network’. She was referring to the topic mentioned in the textbook, but I could only think of Facebook as a better example. For instance, when she was explaining about ‘dense network’, a situtation in which A knows B, B knows C, and C knows A, I was thinking about the ‘mutual friends’ function. A ‘multiplex network’ might refer to the situation in which A and B are in a relationship and they are also members of a particular group, e.g. MYIA :P.

If I was chosen to give a presention on that topic, that’s how I would have presented using examples from real-life situation.

Even in the class, I was discussing about “The Social Network” movie with my classmate. I asked her about her opinion of intellectual right. That whole situation in the movie was quite controversial and I still don’t know who’s right or wrong.


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