Movie Renting

One of my big weakness is buying DVDs. Whenever I see a movie that I haven’t watched yet, I can’t help myself from buying it. I usually buy 6-8 movies per month. And yet, I hardly have time to watch all of them. So my list of movies to watch kept piling up while I kept buying more and more DVDs.

Yesterday, I came home thinking that I will watch “Inception”, but I couldn’t find it. I bought that movie a couple of months ago, but I never found the time to watch it. I always put it up in front of other DVDs to remind myself to watch it. I searched everywhere and still I couldn’t find it. The reason was because my sister had lent it to someone without my permission. I swear I absolutely hate it when someone takes my things without my permission. I know that I have tons of other movies to watch, but I only wanted to watch it. If I can just buy it easily again, I would have go out and buy it, but that movie is out of stock, unless I buy the expensive version. She really had no right to lent it to anybody without asking me first especially when I specifically told her not to lent any of the new movies that are put at the front. After all, I paid for 95% of all the DVD Movies. At least I’m grateful that she didn’t touch my Kpop MTV Collections because I’ll definitely get into a huge fight with her if she did. I only lent them to close friends who are really into Kpop. Since they were expensive to buy, I can’t afford to have scratches on the DVDs.

Actually, I did think about hiding all the new movies in my room, but I didn’t think she will disrespect me like that. What makes it worse is that, the movie has been lent for 2 weeks already her informing me at all. Now, I never do that. I always ask her first before lending any movies that she hasn’t watched yet, even when I bought the movies. This is not the first time it has happened, but I can’t stand it anymore.

I’m not a stingy person. I always lent movies to my friends whenever I could because I like sharing. But, I hate it when they take a long time to return it back to me. It’s not like I pushed them to borrow from me. I still have one friend who borrowed a couple of movies from me but hasn’t return them to me yet. I know she’s busy, but I would like it she could return them back to me so that I can share them with other friends.

So, now, as a last resort, I have to put up a sign on the TV stand to warn her not to lent any more movies without my permission. Call me petty and childish, but I won’t be able to put it out of my mind unless I do something about it.

The sign says “No movies are allowed to be rent without seeking the owner’s permission unless they have been bought with one’s own money.”


2 thoughts on “Movie Renting

  1. sorry I had to laugh..not at your expense but this reminds me so much of how I used to fight with my younger sister when she took things without asking. Like clothes! she wore my clothes before I had a chance to and by the time I wore the same clothes to school people thought I borrowed her clothes..
    now I can laugh about it with affection. Then I used to be so mad. I actually missed those times..believe it or not.

  2. Haha… I’d be mad if that happened to me too. I didn’t really expect she would act communist like that…

    I downloaded a Blu-Ray rip of Inception a few weeks ago. I have no DVDs or CDs. I keep all my movies and music on hard drives (which are quite cheap nowadays). Aside from being un-lendable (unless you unscrew the hard drive out of my computer), this gives the additional advantage of never having to look for a DVD or CD.

    I remember I had to search for blank DVDs to burn when you asked me for movies back then. (e.g. Majo Saiban)

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