Tackling Another Assignment

Even though I promised to write daily, I can’t even write weekly because I am quite busy with schoolwork. I have to submit an assignment on Feb 22 and I’ve been quite busy with that assignment. Even though it’s a group assignment, not an individual assignment, it still feels like an individual one for me. I have to do all the background readings to understand the subject well to decide on the methodology and to write a literature review. Actually, this assignment is a mini-thesis in the disguise of the word “assignment” because we have to follow the thesis writing procedures.

Our topic is concerned with code switching and code mixing in interviews with celebrities. For our scope of study, we chose NOW! magazine journals because I have all the volumes at home. So far, I have asked others to do data collection and write the analysis. I have decided not to do everything by myself anymore because I have learnt my lesson from the previous assignment. I don’t know how it will turn out this time. I can’t ask my group to take leave from school to work together on the assignment because they are frequently absent from class all the time. If they don’t have 75% attendance, they won’t be able to take the exam. But I can’t meet with them this weekend because I don’t want to take leave from work. The exam is drawing near for the kids and there are just too many corrections to do. Also, the students who I tutor in the evenings only study when I’m around.

One way or another, I think I can finish this in time. Then, I’ll have to work on another assignment :(. I only have a month left before our exam and I still haven’t prepare anything to study at all.


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