Exams Are Drawing Near Again

My second semester exam will start on the March 21. Just 17 days left before the exam and what have I been doing lately? Not studying but watching movies in my free times. It started with my frustration over EAP subject. The teacher told us to prepare 4 questions for now so I wrote the first two thinking that I should get an early start on that subject since it was my least favorite subject. But, then, she told us that she changed her mind and the first question has to be replaced with another and we don’t need to focus on the second question. Why didn’t she tell us from the start? The only good thing that came out of this was that I now have listened to a lot of Myanmar R&B songs while writing them on the computer.

So, out of frustration, I have watched a couple of movies to clear my mind. I have watched Inception (I still haven’t gotten back my copy yet, I had to rent from a friend), Camp Rock 2, Backup Plan, Breakfast at Tiffany, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and half of Prince Caspian. I enjoyed watching most of them, but Inception really blew my mind. I regretted not watching it sooner. I was never a big fan of the first Camp Rock, but I like the second one. I finally realize that I don’t really dislike the Jonas Brother. It was only Joe Jonas that gets on my nerves. Why couldn’t Nick have been the lead instead?

I was looking forward to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ever since my sister and her boyfriend went to see it at Naypyitaw cinema. I also had wanted to watch it at the cinema, but I had nobody to go with so in the end, I waited for the DVD release. Although I was longing to see Caspian (Ben Barnes) again, I didn’t expect him to have gotten so handsome. I could barely focus on the plot since my eyes were only on him 😛 After the movie ended, I wasn’t ready to part with Caspian again so I watched half of the second movie before going to sleep last night. He was cute in that one, but much better in the last one.

After I finish watching Prince Caspian, I’ll really start my studying. I have to work on Sociolinguistics subject now. Since we have done the assignment on code-switching, I think I can write well on that topic.


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