Why Should Women Be Content with Their Lives?

I didn’t really intend to post anything until my exams are over, but I couldn’t help writing about this topic.

Actually, it was inspired by our professor. We were looking at a new chapter, titled “Language and Gender” in our textbook. On the first page of that chapter was a quotation about the release of the first non-sexist bible in which words like ‘any man’ were replaced with ‘anyone’ and so on. She explained that western countries have women liberation or women right, but in our country, such kind of movements are unnecessary because we allow the men to dominate while we, women, are content with our lives. And that’s when I blurted out that I disagree with what she has said. I respect her as my teacher and professor, but I just can’t accept her view.

Why should we be content with our lives? Why should we allow ourselves to be inferior? I have nothing against men or anything, but as women, we shouldn’t think such lowly of ourselves.

Just take a look at the so-called parliament? Do you see any females there? No, most of them are men. Recently, I read an old article in Reader Digest about the lack of female support in the Malaysian government. In that article, the author expressed that some or most men (I don’t remember exactly) still believes that they have a right to beat their wife even though a law has been passed to prevent against such acts. These men seemed to care more about women being raped rather than wives being beaten. Now, I don’t know much about the situations in this country, but I have read a case about a drunk man who beat his wife to death 60 times in a journal last week.

Even people like my own father thinks that women have no place in administrative areas at his work. At least, I won’t have to work in such kind of male dominated areas since I’ll be working as a teacher in some private school or language school in the near future. I think I won’t feel much oppressed since most of the staffs will be female at my future work, but I don’t think I can ever get married if I can’t find someone who will treat me as an equal.


4 thoughts on “Why Should Women Be Content with Their Lives?

  1. I’ve just read your post and I like your strong feeling. Don’t be upset for gender inequality. It’s not so popular in these days, except some countries in SEA, Africa and middle-east. Just try to be qualified. If you’re qualified, you don’t need to be inferior to men.
    Just a comments !

    • Thanks for your encouragement. I do agree with what you have said. I’ll just have to try hard so that I will be accepted by both men and female.

  2. Your professor’s assertion that Burmese women are subservient to men is true for the majority of women. I think that’s obvious… on what grounds do you disagree?

    • Even if they are submissive, I don’t like the way she said that we don’t need women right in our country. Sorry for late reply. I only saw this now.

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