Green Tour to Seik Phoo Mountain (Day 2)

The next day, we left the motel early around 7 o’clock and have a very unpleasant breakfast at one of the restaurant in the downtown area. I asked for Shan noodle, but the food looked nothing like it. As you can see below, the meat balls are actually what one will buy from a sidewalk. Usually, the soup is cooked with a chicken broth and then the noodle are placed in it to boil. And then, the other appetizers are added into the plate and served to customers. It cost 700 kyats and I had to force myself to finish at least one-third of it.

We arrived on time this time to the youth center, but none of the children were waiting for us. The same lady from the first day told us that some of them are attending another class for domestic science (or something like that). Only around 20 children showed up on the second day. Maybe they didn’t want to come ‘cuz on the first day, we told them to write about what they can remember from Tin Myat Htet’s talk.

My sister (dawn_1o9) showed them two videos about plastic abuse and forest conservation and explain them in details afterward. Then, the children were divided into three groups and were asked to write down what they could remember from the video about plastic abuse. A representative from each group had to read aloud what they had written down fifteen minutes later.

We had a delicious lunch at the monastery before heading to Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda. To reach it we would have to climb 33 mountains, but thanks to the transportation development, we can now reach it with trucks. No other cars except these trucks are allowed to climb the mountains since the road is full of many curves. Even then, these trucks aren’t quite safe because there have been cases of trucks that fell of the mountains when the drivers drove too fast. The first time I was at Kyaikhtiyo with my family, we climbed up to Hermit Hill (Yathei Taung) with the trucks and trekked for around an hour and a half. It was quite difficult for me to climb and I can’t imagine having to climb the mountains from the base like in the past.

Actually, foreigners aren’t allowed to climb all the way up to the top with the trucks. They had to get off at Hermit Hill and walk the rest of the way. I think it’s because the other half of the journey is more dangerous and they can’t guarantee the safety of the foreigners. Not that they can guarantee safety for the local people also. If they can’t climb the mountains, they can be carried by local workers. as seen in the picture below.

My advice to those traveling with these trucks is to bring plenty of plastic bags with you in case you get sick or someone else near you get sick and vomit on you.

After paying obeisance to the pagoda, we went down the hills to put up more vinyl posters near the motels and restaurants. Most people stay overnight at those motels and have their meals there. So, it is the ideal place for us to place the posters and raise their awareness especially towards littering and plastic bags.

Many people were interested in our posters but they thought we were staffs from Nivea, our main sponsor. We got tired of explaining that we are from MYIA. We learnt a lesson to made our logo more visible and to add the acronym of our group at the bottom of the logo with big bold letters.

The last time, I visited other places like Crow’s Mouth Cave but this time I didn’t get a chance to visit other places beside the pagoda itself. I would like to come back again to stay the night and maybe visit the waterfall which is difficult to reach. Actually, I want to try climbing the mountains from the base of the hills, but that’s probably a wishful thinking lolz.

We walked down to Hermit Hill and caught a ride down the rest of the hills. By the time we arrived at the base, it was around five and it was time for us to go home, back to our suffocating, crowded metropolis, away from the fresh mountain airs and scenic beauties. I hope I can go on another trip before my second year starts again.

But next time I go on a trip, I will have to hide the gifts I buy for my friends in fear of certain someone who “tends to” keep making mistakes between her portions and my portions.

Credit pictures to dawn_1o9
Note: I’ll upload the rest of the pictures when the connection is better.


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