Mundane Thingyan

Although Thingyan only comes once a year, I no longer think of it as a special occasion. For me, it’s just another 5 days where I stay inside the home in fear of getting wet. As usual, I spent the days watching American series like the X-Files, Bones, and Numbers. Who knows, maybe in my next life, I might become a detective, but I don’t think I want to chase after aliens in fear of being abducted. My sister is more into the X-Files while I attempted to vary my attention by watching other movies and some good and some crappy Thingyan VCDs. You might notice that I haven’t write any reviews at all this year since I lost my mood after watching crappy videos that kept plagiarizing western and eastern music. The only VCD worth watching was “My Heart Beats In Thingyan” and “Yar Thi Sar 2” although I didn’t like all the songs.

The first three days of Thingyan wasn’t actually peaceful at home for me because my neighbors set up some loudspeakers in front of the house and kept playing those quite annoying techno music (have I ever mention that I hate techno?). Luckily, a quarrel broke out among them after my mother told them to lower the volume so they stopped playing music at the end. Otherwise, I couldn’t concentrate on the TV or the books.

One thing I really dislike about this year’s Thingyan is that the electricity went out while MRTV was airing “Thingyan Moe”. It is the classic Thingyan movie which is only aired once a year. I had been looking forward to watching it for 3 years and I only got to the first 15 minutes. Blast it! I’ll have to wait for next year since I can’t download the movie from online like I used to. I was even thinking of writing about the movie in details but since I lack the necessary data, I can’t do so now 😦

As I spent most of my times in front of the TV, I only managed read “Brisingr”, the third book of the Inheritance cycle and Jue’s “He/She Will Never…..You”. I had wanted to read back all the Jue books I have at home, but I only managed to read two books so far since my summer vacation starts.


2 thoughts on “Mundane Thingyan

  1. I think most people stop thinking of Thingyan as special after they’ve grown out of adolescence. So much violence and unruly behavior in recent years’ Thingyan. My cousin punches a face every Thingyan, putting all those boxing lessons to use.

    The sad thing is he’s long past adolescence.

  2. I agree with you. In my case, since I was a kid I have never thought it is a fun period. Whenever, the water fest comes, how I ever wish it came to an end!Worse still is my wife wants me to join the Meditation Center! I know it’s good for me. But the best thing I can do is keep sabbath .

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