A Dramatic Change

Last month, my life took a dramatic turn when my mother passed away. At first, I thought about writing about it, but I decided not to for many reasons, which I don’t want to explain to anyone. For a few days, I was quite busy entertaining guests and explaining and re-explaining the causes of her death, which I’m still unsure about even at this moment. One thing for sure is that I know she is gone now and I am sick of talking about it.

One thing I did realized was that you can never expect what will happen tomorrow. There had been times when I want to do something and I always say that I’ll do it later and I never got around to it. So, I decided to do something that I had been wanting to do for a long time. It’s not something big – a life altering change or something. What I had decided was quite simple. I started to stop spending so much money on DVDs and instead on Myanmar books. Every week, I buy at least one or two books, mostly Ma Nine Nine Sanay and Sayar Linkar Yay Kyaw. For a while, I stopped reading English novels and the only English book I’m reading is a non-fiction about global warming and its effects.

Now that I’m in my second year, I know I should be focusing on my studies, but the only subject which interests me is Psycholinguistics. But that subject is quite difficult and I won’t be choosing it as the field for my thesis because it is insufficient to do a research study for only a couple of months. I don’t want to be criticized for doing an incomplete study.

Last year, I used to work part-time as an assistant teacher at a private language school, but I’ve quit the job now. I quit the job three days before my mother died. At that time, I quit it to take care of her and after her death, I didn’t want to go back there again. Besides, the pay was low and I didn’t like spending the whole day doing paper corrections. I will still be earning money by tutoring on the weekends 🙂

Well, at least now I have plenty of leisure time and I can finally participate in MYIA’s activities.


One thought on “A Dramatic Change

  1. I am so sorry for your loss…I hope reading books will give some refuge. Please take care of yourself and happy birthday by the way.

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