Unhappy Birthday

Once again, the time has finally come whether I like it or not. Yesterday, I was 26 but no more now. I turned 27 today at 10:45 AM, a number I’ve been wanting to avoid whenever my father introduced me to his friends and colleagues. Now I can’t avoid it anymore. I still have no job and I’m not sure about my tuition job because my father doesn’t like me to come home after dark. Yes, even at the age of 27, I live with my family and therefore I have to abide by his rules. I’ll try to talk to him about it but if he refused, I’ll have to let go of the job, which I don’t want to because I don’t want to depend on him all the time. It’d be nice to earn some money of myself even though he can afford to pay for my expenses.

When I was young, I used to associate the word ‘birthday’ with presents, party, and celebration. I used to thought that holding a birthday party with friends was important. Getting a birthday present from my parents was important. Blowing out candles on a birthday cake was important. But I had neglected the one thing that mattered the most – the one person who gave birth to me. Well, now….

So, yeah…unhappy birthday to me.


3 thoughts on “Unhappy Birthday

  1. But you have the right attitude and you’re trying to walk the right path, even if your father thinks he can support you forever. You deserve two thumbs up for that!

    Since your father is willing to support you (and, to be honest, whatever job you get won’t pay enough anyway), why not take the opportunity to improve your skills? Find and apply for a job that you’re slightly under-qualified for, and tell them that you’re willing to work for minimal wages and reduced hours, in return for the opportunity to learn new skills. That way you can advance your career, as well as get back home before dark and make daddy happy.

    • Yeah, that’s what I intend to do after I finish with my thesis. But I need to consider my age when I apply for the jobs ‘cuz I don’t want a job which are meant for those younger than me.

      • I don’t know how it works in Burma but I don’t think you can rank jobs by age — they’re determined by skill level. If you decide to branch careers and try something you haven’t done before, of course you will meet co-workers who are younger and more experienced than you.

        At my work (database development) I have co-workers at my level who are both younger and older. A few people who started working there earlier than me are younger.

        If you find a job that you really like and there are lots of younger employees, who cares? People are different, have different levels of aptitude, and different life opportunities presented to them. It’s unrealistic to assume that you should be on totally equal footing with every 27-year-old.

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