Twenty Types of Myanmar Moviegoers


I’m not actually a regular moviegoers. I only go to the movies when there’s a film I want to watch. Yesterday, I watched “The Avengers” at Shay Saung Cinema at 3:30 PM. Of course, I went alone since I have nobody to go with me. Actually, I rarely ask people to go with me to cinema for reasons which are mentioned below. I was planning to watch it next week with my friend, but after I got hired for the translator job, I decided to watch it before I start my new job, in case I don’t get the chance to watch it. The movie was really great but I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it due to a human chatterbox sitting next to me. This is not the first time I get frustrated at the cinema. I think the only time I ever get to enjoy a movie without any interruption was when I was watching “Public Enemies” and “Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallow: Part.1”. I usually watch the movies in the mornings at 10 AM from the upper balcony because there are fewer people there. I like to sit in the very first row to avoid watching from behind the heads of tall people. But, when a movie is a blockbuster hit, no matter what time I watch or how much I pay for the front row ticket, people still managed to annoy me and leave me fuming when the movie ended.

So, I’ve decided to make a list of the types of Myanmar moviegoers I often saw at the cinemas. Who knows, you might be one of these twenty types.

  1. People who watch without uttering a single word through the whole movie (e.g. me)
  2. People who pay respect to the national flag by getting up from the seat and stand until the national anthem ends (e.g. me)
  3. People who pay half respect to the national flag by getting up from the seat and stand for a few seconds before sitting down again while the national anthem hasn’t ended yet
  4. People who don’t pay any respect to the national flag at all
  5. People who come to the cinema on time (e.g. me)
  6. People who don’t come to the cinema on time and pass in front of other people watching the movies
  7. People who make crunching sounds while eating sunflower seeds
  8. People who eat sunflower seeds and other snacks and throw the trash on the floor
  9. People who eat sunflower seeds and other snacks and put all the trash in a plastic bag (e.g. me)
  10. People who bring crying babies and children who can’t sit still
  11. People who turn their phones off or put them in silence mode while the movie is playing
  12. People who don’t turn their phones off and talk loudly on the phone while the movie is playing
  13. People who ask about what’s happening in the movie to the people sitting next to them
  14. People who talk to other people about subjects unrelated to the movies while the movie is playing
  15. People who like giving comments or gossiping about the actors/actresses/co-actors while the movie is playing (e.g. he’s so handsome, that guy is an idiot, this movie is terrible, etc)
  16. People who mimic the dialogues to practice their English speaking skills (e.g. Captain America says: Get your suit on! , Moviegoer repeats: Get your suit on!)
  17. People who play mp3/mp4 players while the movie is playing
  18. People who say hush (or shoo in the Myanmar language) to quiet down other people
  19. People who yell at others why can’t they watch with their mouth shut (e.g. me)
  20. People who can’t help imaging horrible things they like to do to those annoying freaks (e.g. me)

Btw, Shae Saung cinema really sucks. The movie is too dark. I prefer Naypyidaw Cinema.


8 thoughts on “Twenty Types of Myanmar Moviegoers

  1. I hope there are no bed-bugs.

    Majority of Burmese people are still not very polished. I mean their behaviour. That respectful display of deference and recognition of the value of others, as befitted civilized people is lacking.

  2. Watchout mioviegoers!
    A masked gunman killed 12 people at a midnight premiere of the new Batman movie in a suburb of Denver early on Friday, sparking pandemonium when he hurled a gas canister into the auditorium and opened fire on moviegoers.

    • I’m not sure about other cities in Myanmar, but in Yangon, metal detectors are installed in cinemas, after the bombings in the shopping malls in 2005. But of course, if someone wants to bring along weapons or bombs, there must be ways for them to bypass the metal detectors. For instance, I think the employees don’t have to go through the metal detectors. I don’t future possible killers and bombers are not reading this post now.

      • Titanic 3D” will sail into Myanmar on August 17, becoming one of the first major studio films to be released in the Southeast Asian country in decades, according to its producer Twentieth Century Fox.
        Hollywood wants to suck money from poor Myanmar people, don’t go and see it, not that of a big difference.

  3. Is that right? Do you have metal detectors in movie theaters In Burma now? This is very cool. I had been to Myanmar embassy in New York long time ago, like in the year 1999 and I don’t recall they had a metal detector. There is a metal detector at the Stratosphere fun tower entrance in Las Vegas. At the Disney Land entrance they only search the bags but no metal detectors.

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