My New Job

Despite my misgivings about my interview in First Impression, I got the job after all. I started my new job three weeks ago and I’m working as a translator for a leading news media in the country.

The working hour is from 9:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For a person who used to work from 7:45 a.m to endless hours in the evening for the horrible 3 months six years ago, this is totally acceptable.

The office is actually quite near my house. It’s only about 10 mins drive by car/taxi and 20-25 mins drive by bus (depends on which bus I’m riding). I rarely ride the bus in the mornings as I can have my father or the driver drop me off on the way to his work. I only have to take the bus when the driver does not pick him up or he doesn’t feel like driving.

The work atmosphere is quite good too. I’m the only female in the translation department (and on the whole floor) and everyone is nice to me. My work consist of translating, editing, and uploading the news to the website. I’m in charge of uploading the news although others can upload them if they want to. It seems that my meager skills in web developing and all those years of blogging have finally paid off in the end. I’m not really familiar with Joomla, but creating new articles and editing old ones are not that difficult, due to my years of posting blog posts in blogspot and wordpress.

I have to work five days and a half a week. I get a half-day off at noon on Fridays and the whole day off on Sundays. I’m certainly pleased with the day off on Sundays as I can go out and see my friends (if I want to). I also can continue tutoring my student at home on Fridays and Sundays. However, there’s a catch. I have to work overtime on Saturdays and sleep at the office. Luckily, I don’t have to stay up the whole night and I can go to sleep around 12:30-1:00 a.m. I’m lucky that I only have to work overtime once a week. The others have to work overtime twice a week. But I don’t really mind staying up late although sleeping at the office is a bit uncomfortable. I’m used to staying up late at night, especially on the weekends and plus I can surf the internet while I work. Unless there are urgent jobs to do, I can relax and work slowly while listening to music. And of course, I get paid for dinner and overtime :).

On my first Saturday at work, I slept with two other female staffs in the ladies’ sleeping quarter, but I had trouble sleeping in a suffocating room with no air-condition, a place where I can occasionally hear mice running around at night. I decided to sleep in our office instead. It’s relatively safe and much better than bunking with other people. I brought my own pillow, blanket, and bedroll with me and keep it in the office.

The only annoyance I had at work at first was the use of the toilet. There are only two bathrooms on the floor. The men used to using both men and lady bathrooms so during my first days, I often have to endure the long wait while the men are using the bathroom. I think the men prefer to take a shower in the female bathroom and they sure do take a long time to shower. Perhaps they have started to have consideration for me so the bathroom is not that often in use anymore. Or those were just coincidences and it’s just my wishful thinking.

I’m still inexperienced in translating and editing is more difficult for me. My job requires me to edit the news and rewrite it to attract readers. It is a bit difficult to edit if the whole article is written in quotations, but I think I’m getting the hang of it now. I’m also doing self-study at home if I’m in the mood.


3 thoughts on “My New Job

  1. Congratulations.Busy as a bee? Let me guess, are you working for the New Light of Myanmar? Joomla version is now is 2.5. Soon will be 3.0. What version do you use over there?

    • No, I’m not working at New Light of Myanmar. I work for a news media which produce news journals. I don’t know which version of Joomla I’m using. I don’t know much about Joomla and I just only post new articles and edit ones. Web developers take care of the rest.

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