New Glasses


A few days ago, I got new eyeglasses which were expensive and unsatisfactory.

Ever since the day I got my first eyeglasses due to myopia, I have never gone to see the optometrist on my own nor choose new eyeglasses on my own before. It was my first time to go on my own and I have sure learned a huge lesson alright.

This is also the first time I ever spent around 100,000 kyats (around $114) on a pair of eyeglasses. I had wanted a good quality frame, but I had a hard time choosing a pair that cost less than 60,000 kyats. The salesgirls weren’t really that much helpful and kept pushing me to buy the expensive one. I finally managed to choose a nerdy looking, light-weight plastic frame which cost 56,000 kyats (around $64). Even though it’s expensive for me, I was willing to pay for the frame. But I wasn’t willing to pay 42,000 kyats (around $47) for the lenses. I only knew about the cost of the lenses before making my final choice. If I had known earlier, I might have the courage to face the scowling staffs and walk out of the room. But it was too late and I couldn’t back out after I made the sale girls gather one frame after another from the showcase for 20 minutes. In total, I had to pay 98,000 kyats.

The reason I’m complaining about the price is because I never have to spend more than 40,000 kyats for a pair of glasses before. I shouldn’t have gotten lazy to go downtown and choose the eye care center near my work.

I got my glasses the next day, but I didn’t notice any problems until my tuition lesson started. I found that I couldn’t see the words in the textbook very clearly until I switched back to my old glasses.

When I first got the glasses and put them on, I felt a little dizzy because I now have -9.00 D. So, when the staff asked me to whether I can read short-sight with my glasses, I told them that I can read them. I thought that the reason the vision is a little blurry is because my eyes haven’t adjusted to the new glasses. Now that I think about it, none of the staffs including the optometrist’s assistant have asked me whether I can see clearly. They only asked me whether I can read. There is a difference between the two questions and I’m the one who is suffering from it now.

As I have already spend more than 100,000 kyats (including the optometrist fee), I don’t want to spend anymore money at the moment. It wasn’t even my money in the first place. I am living on my father’s salary as I still haven’t exchange my dollars yet. I will be going on a trip to Bangkok next month and I will be needing my dollars so I can’t do any exchanging now. My only solution so far is to keep both glasses on hand and use the new to see far and use the old one to read. Now, I distantly remember my last optometrist telling my mother that I had both nearsightedness and farsightedness. I wasn’t completely sure about it and I couldn’t find the old prescriptions at home so I only told the optometrist that I also use my glasses for reading. After all, isn’t it her job to prescribe the correct lenses.

So, in the end, I will have to go see another optometrist and have my glasses corrected. This time, I will go to Myanma Myat Hman eye care center in downtown. It may not have up-to-date machines but the prices are reasonable there.

One thing for sure though, I am never going back to that eye care center again. I have learned my lesson now. I will never trust those so-called quality controlled eye care centers again. In the mean time, I have started taking some traditional medicines to improve my sights. It was recommended by a friend whose eyesight got better after taking the medicine. I really hope my eyesight get better and the degrees of the lenses to drop.


3 thoughts on “New Glasses

  1. Was this at American Vision? I know – from inside information – that the sales girls are there under VERY high pressure from their boss to push glasses to the customers. But yeah… after twenty minutes of browsing I would feel bad about not buying too.

    By the way I saw you nearly a month ago at a pedestrian crossing in front of a petrol station… don’t know which township.

  2. I felt bad for you. In US they have to re-do the glass for free until the customer is satisfied and happy.
    You have to get the perfect lens for the eyes. Otherwise the eyes will try to adapt to the new lens which are not perfect. And it is stressful to the eyes. It is like trying to lose weight because the clothes don’t fit any more. And here we have eye insurance like VSP and it will cover the annual eye exam ,lens and the frame with small amount of co-payment. Life is good outside of Burma in this respect but still Burma is home sweet home to all of us.

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