Buying Souvenirs in Yangon

Photo taken at Shwetharlyaung Pagoda in Bago
(Sorry, I forgot to take photos at the Scott Market)

Nowadays, Myanmar is the ‘it’ place in the world due to its political reform and sanction removal by US and EU. The number of international visitors are rising everyday. Whatever reason they visit Myanmar, one wouldn’t normally leave the country without buying souvenirs. Continue reading


My First Visit to a Cathedral

I have never been to a church before as I’m a Buddhist. I always passed by the churches and wondered how they look inside. Well, my wish was fulfilled when I visited St. Mary’s Cathedral. I was in the downtown area with N and Y to checkout a bookstore and N decided to take Y the cathedral. It is the oldest church in Yangon, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. When I went inside the church, there were a couple of people praying. The atmosphere was a little different from the times at a pagoda. I didn’t take any picture inside as I didn’t want to disturb anyone. Continue reading