My First Visit to a Cathedral

I have never been to a church before as I’m a Buddhist. I always passed by the churches and wondered how they look inside. Well, my wish was fulfilled when I visited St. Mary’s Cathedral. I was in the downtown area with N and Y to checkout a bookstore and N decided to take Y the cathedral. It is the oldest church in Yangon, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. When I went inside the church, there were a couple of people praying. The atmosphere was a little different from the times at a pagoda. I didn’t take any picture inside as I didn’t want to disturb anyone.


I love this shot. I should have sat down and took the picture to get the top of the building.



I don’t really know who this boy is. Even Y didn’t recognize him.



Inside the cathedral


One thought on “My First Visit to a Cathedral

  1. Awesome shots, very nice photos! even after 100 years the Abbey is well maintained and sculptures or statues are like new. Are they curved from marble? Very intriguing. Tropical weather will tarnish buildings. The government should chip in money to conserve the cathedral. Since it is the oldest surviving brick cathedral and it is our heritage from the colonial era, our generation should safeguard the historic buildings regardless of our religion. Mady, your blog is becoming more and more interesting.Cheers.

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