My first 3D film experience


It has been quite a while since local cinemas started offering 3D films, but I have never bothered to check them out as the ticket prices are more expensive and I rarely go to the movies. But this time, I wanted to watch “Brave” animated Disney film and it was only available in 3D at Dagon Center II.

Normally, I rarely go out on Sundays because I have to teach Business English to my friend in the afternoon, but we decided to cancel the class and go to the movies instead with another friend. It’s difficult to get tickets for 3D films on the weekends so I asked my friend to make booking for us.

I arrived at the cinema around 3 pm and paid for my tickets. For those who made advanced booking, they have to arrive at the cinema 30 mins before the movie starts. Otherwise, they get sold to other people. I saw some people who were waiting for their chance to buy the tickets from those who didn’t arrive in time to claim the tickets.

Ticket prices were within the range from 1200 kyats, 1500 kyats, 3000 kyats, and 4000 kyats. I asked my friend to buy the 3000 kyats-tickets as I didn’t want to sit too close to the screen. I was handed the tickets and cards to get the 3D glasses. When we leave the cinema, we were given cards after handing over the 3D glasses and these are collected at the entrance. It’s probably a protective measure to prevent anyone from stealing the glasses.

Truthfully, I don’t see what’s the big deal about 3D films. The 3D glass I got was pretty blurry no matter how many times I tried to wipe it with Kleenex tissue. It was quite annoying so I didn’t really enjoy the movie as I should have. As for the movie, it was quite nice. It’s about a princess who didn’t want to get married so she used a spell on her mother to change her fate (or was it destiny?). Her mother turned into a bear so the girl tries to change her back. I just wish I can watch the 2D version instead without those 3D glasses.

I don’t think I will want to go back to the 3D cinemas unless there are some films that I really want to watch like “The Life of Pi”. I have seen the trailer and I really want to watch it. I think it’ll only be screened in 3D version so I’ll have to endure those 3D glasses again 😦


2 thoughts on “My first 3D film experience

  1. Poor Mady, I guess you had badly polarized 3D glasses.
    First of all what is 3D?
    Two synchronized projectors project two respective images onto the screen. Each projection has different polarization. Then you wear a 3D glasses which has different polarization on each side which will correspond to the projections on the screen. In other words 3D glasses allow only one of the images into each eye because they contain lenses with different polarization. For example the left eye will only see the image from projector number 1 and the right eye will see the image from projector number 2.
    Therefore each eye sees from a slightly different perspective and then the brain has the ability to correlate the images and calculate the distances and you have the 3D vision in your brain.
    Things can go wrong if 1. The 2 projectors are not set up properly 2. Your 3D glass polarization on each lens is not corresponding with the projector 3, you wear prescription glasses and you eyes have different focal lengths. You can have clip on 3D glasses on your prescription lens.
    I wear prescription glasses too but never had a problem if I use the 3D glasses over my own glasses. I watched 3d movies at the Disney land in Anaheim and they were so perfect that I wanted to watch 3D movies again and again.

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