Dog Bite

On Fridays, I get a half-day off from office so I was just reading a book at home while listening to some music when I suddenly had the urge to eat Rakhine Moat Tee at 12 Lone Tan. The shop is just 7 minutes walk from home and I always enjoy walking up the hill and down the hill. I took my time at the shop and ate the food while browsing Facebook with my phone.

On the way back, I walked back home while carrying an umbrella and a parcel of potato salad for my cousin. When I stopped to let a truck make a u-turn, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in one of my thighs. I can’t remember which side was it. I was surprised to feel the pain so I looked around and saw a dog looking from a short distance. Then, it suddenly run toward me again and bit my other thigh. There was a man watering some plants nearby so he shouted to the dog. The dog just looked at me again from the distance. I looked at thighs and only saw small scratches. I didn’t know whether the dog will attack me again so I just walked as fast as I could.

A lady around my age walked towards me and asked how I was doing. She told me to have rabies vaccination shots and drink some purified. I understand the rabies vaccination part but she got me confused about the water part. She continued and said I must have been pretty shocked and told me to drink not just any water but purified water. Maybe she was telling me to wash the wounds with purified water and got herself confused. I think she was more shocked than I was.

After I got home, I went to the clinic next door to get my shots. After waiting nearly 45 mins, I finally got to see the doctor, but she told me that she will only give me a short for lockjaw vaccination and some medicines. She told me that I can only get rabies vaccination shots at the hospitals. She asked me whether I recognized the dog. All I remember was that it was a brown dog of medium size. She said either I can go and check whether the dog die after 10 days or get the rabies vaccination shots. I don’t like needles but I have no choice but to get the vaccination shots.

So, I went to the hospital and immediately walked into the emergency room. There weren’t any patients in the room and I only saw young female doctors. One of them took the referral note from the doctor and explained to me about the process. There are two types of treatments. The first one takes about a month to complete while the second one was shorter. I chose the second treatment and got two shots on my arms. I will have to return next week to get one shot and the last shot will be given on January 4. That’s fine for the me, except for the price of course.

In the end, I had to pay 23,700 kyats to the hospital and 8,000 kyats to the clinic. And it’s all because I wanted to eat a hot bowl of Rakhine Moat Tee. It’s not really worth it. Plus, I still have two more shots left so I will probably have to spend 25,000 to 30,000 kyats more 😦


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