MTV EXIT Live in Myanmar Concert: Part 3

pic08By the time Thai rock band Slot Machine appeared on stage, I was feeling extremely tired. I had been standing since 1:45 pm and I hadn’t got the chance to sit down at all. So, I wasn’t really pleased to wait again for Jason Mraz to appear. But when the band started playing the music, I felt some kind of vibration and the powerful music hit us all. The crowd went crazy for the band although they were singing mostly in Thai. The lead singer surprised me when he started shouting 1,2,3,4 in the Myanmar language. He must have memorized it. Most of the other foreigners only said “Mingalarbar” or “Kyay Zuu Tin Par Tae”, but he introduced his band by saying “We are Slot Machine from Yoedayar”, Yoedayar is an informal name for Thailand in Myanmar language. Continue reading


MTV EXIT Live in Myanmar Concert: Part 2

We were finally inside the Square and I didn’t know why we had to wait such a long time to get inside. It still was quite empty so we get the chance to pick our spots. Instead of standing close to the stage, we decided to stand near the media corner with the crowd control barriers on our back. We figured that it was safer there because we will not be pushed around much by the crowd and if something happens, we can call for help. Continue reading