MTV EXIT Live in Myanmar Concert: Part 3

pic08By the time Thai rock band Slot Machine appeared on stage, I was feeling extremely tired. I had been standing since 1:45 pm and I hadn’t got the chance to sit down at all. So, I wasn’t really pleased to wait again for Jason Mraz to appear. But when the band started playing the music, I felt some kind of vibration and the powerful music hit us all. The crowd went crazy for the band although they were singing mostly in Thai. The lead singer surprised me when he started shouting 1,2,3,4 in the Myanmar language. He must have memorized it. Most of the other foreigners only said “Mingalarbar” or “Kyay Zuu Tin Par Tae”, but he introduced his band by saying “We are Slot Machine from Yoedayar”, Yoedayar is an informal name for Thailand in Myanmar language.

I’m not a big fan of rock music so I was not really in a good mood to enjoy the music. I finally sat down for awhile to rest my legs and put myself in a better mood. I noticed that the guys standing near me kept complaining about how tired they are and they kept sitting down in turns. Maybe women can stand long hours more than them because the guys don’t go shopping like us. When we go shopping, we can go from shops to shops for hours without resting 🙂


Jason Mraz finally appeared on stage around 9:20pm and he and his band performed non-stop for an hour. Among the songs he sang, I only recognize a couple of the songs from his third album and his latest single. I still haven’t listened to his latest album so I only knew “Make It Mine”, “I’m Yours”, “Lucky”, “Only Human”, and “I Won’t Give Up”.


A couple of hours earlier, PPL said it will be nice if he sing “Lucky” at the concert. I told her that since it’s a duet song, he probably won’t sing it. Or he might have to sing it with PPKT. We all laughed at my joke, but to my horror he really did sing “Couple with PPKT. OMG! It was totally imaginable. Their voices didn’t match each other. PPKT sang half of the lyrics in English and half of them in Myanmar while Jason sang as he usually did. I wish he had sang the song with Chan Chan instead 😦

The only good thing about her appearance was that people started leaving around the time so I can finally see the stage without standing on my tiptoes. It was also easier for me to watch the projector screens.

After each songs, the band still kept playing music while Jason talked to the audience about human trafficking and slavery. The same messages have been repeatedly said over and over again by the presenters, the local artists, and special guests, who asked us to respond to them and make us chant words, but when Jason talked to us, we responded not out of obligation but because we really wanted to. He surely knew how to move people.

When he sang “I’m Yours”, the whole crowd responded to that song. I realized that I have listened to this song for multiple times, but I didn’t really remember all the lyrics. It’s a shame that I could only sing along to 75 percent of the song. Jason asked us to wave hands while we were singing so I tried to wave my hands but it got tiring after a few seconds.

The concert finally ended at 10:30 pm. I was pretty exhausted for standing for nearly 8 hours straight. I was thinking of taking a taxi home with Ma Latt, but we met with Snow, who offered to drive us all home. While we were walking to where her car was parked, I noticed so many trash on the ground. Most of them were the Coca-Cola plastic cups and water cups. It is nice that they offered us free drinks but I wish they also have provided us some trashcans. Even if there were trashcans, I know people would still throw the litters on the ground, but at least some will be motivated to throw the trash directly in the cans.

On the way to the car, I checked my phone and saw a SMS from my sister. She told me that she was going home by bus. It was pretty late and I will be in trouble if both of us don’t arrive at home at the same time. I called her several times because the reception was really bad. We got no reception while we were inside the park so none of us can use the internet while we were inside. Maybe the crew were afraid that someone will upload a live coverage of the concert using the internet. It’s not like the internet connection is going to be that good anyway. We can barely browse Facebook much less view YouTube.

Anyway, I finally got in touch with my sister and we were able to go home together. We arrived at home after 11 pm. My sister had already ate dinner so I had my dinner and took some painkillers before going to bed.

Note: I apologize if you think this is a very long winded post. I really wanted to record everything I remember. Even then, there are some things I didn’t mention because it wasn’t about me but about the crews and photographers.

Photo credit: MTV EXIT


3 thoughts on “MTV EXIT Live in Myanmar Concert: Part 3

  1. Wow, excellent writing. Other than teaching English, I think you should be a journalist. By the way there was a desperate need for English language teaching to improve communications between Myanmar and the outside world. I am glad your posts are in English, hope people from Burma will read your post.

    • Actually, I don’t teach anymore. Now I translate articles and sometimes write my own news report. It’s one of the reason why I rarely write for my blog. For this concert, I also wrote a news article for it based on the news article in Myanmar version but I couldn’t write about the difficulties we faced in getting in line for the concert and I couldn’t diss PPKT. So I wrote my own version. When I was writing about the literary festival, I only wrote about the first day for my blog ‘cuz I got lazy and then I wrote an article about ASSK for work.

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