Life before Facebook


Do you remember your life before Facebook entered your life? As for me, I don’t remember it much in details but I think I had a very simple life.

From Monday to Saturday, I go to work and used the internet to chat, participate in discussion forums, blog and download music and videos during my free times. We didn’t have any internet access near my home so I didn’t use it after I get home from work and on Sundays.

On Sundays, I used to go out to the movies with my sister or my friends or meet with my friends at 12 Lone Tan or Excel Tower. Sometimes, we went shopping. Occasionally, I met with my online friends; most of them were from the Native Myanmar discussion forum.

While chatting was quite popular around that time, I was more into writing stuffs in Bagan Net forum and later in Native Myanmar forum. Besides, I didn’t have many friends to chat with, but I made some friends who I regularly chat and send emails to. Now, I don’t have contact with any of them and we’ve all drifted apart.

I was introduced to blogs in around 2004 but I didn’t start writing until 2005. Back then, I only wrote in English because there weren’t many blogs from Myanmar that were written in English. A year later, my online friends persuaded me to write also in Myanmar so I started a new blog for that, as I’ve already mentioned before in my previous posts.

Unlike in the discussion forum, blogging allowed me to express myself more freely and I didn’t care much about whether people will be annoyed by my craziness for Kpop and Kdramas. Most of my blog posts were focused on entertainment, until I started attending MA classes in 2010. From then, the direction changed to education and books. But now, I don’t really know what to do write anymore. I think Facebook is one of the reasons for this.

I read somewhere online that people who use social media have trouble concentrating while reading. This fact is quite true for me. It used to only take me one or two days to finish a book, but now it takes me more than a week and sometimes even a month or two to finish a book.

The reason I started writing this post is because two weeks ago, I got fed up with some people on Facebook so I decided to quit it again for the third time. After I quit it, I realized that I have many free times when I’m not looking at my Facebook wall all the time. I can focus on my work without the urge to see what my ‘friends’ are up to or to see whether anyone has commented on my status.

Facebook is really ydifficult to cut off when everyone you know is on Facebook. I tried to keep contact via email but most of my ‘friends’ don’t’ even bother to reply back 😦 They are too caught up with Facebook. Not many of them use Twitter so I don’t have anyone to interact with on Twitter. Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t know. I only use Twitter to read news updates and tweet anyway.

Another reason for quitting Facebook is because when I wrote something on FB, it made me happy if someone ‘liked’ it or replied to it and I get a little depressed when I don’t get any feedback. I think in the longer run, it’s going to affect my mental health as well. Before, I didn’t really care that much if people didn’t write comments on my blogs. I only wrote my posts to express myself and I didn’t expect anyone to write it. Of course, it’d be nice if I get many readers, but I wouldn’t do anything to attract more readers even if I know how to do that.

I’m not saying I’m going to quit Facebook entirely. I have decided to limit myself for now by only logging into my work account every three or four days to keep track of what my former classmates and colleagues are up to. I’ll try to limit myself from writing new posts in order not to depress myself when I get no feedback. As for my personal account, I think I’ll stay away from it for now and get away from my over ‘400’ friends that I barely know in person.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to read more books during my free time and pay more attention to my work and my studies.


One thought on “Life before Facebook

  1. You are very right, face book will snitch your precious time away from your life. There are much more important things to do in life rather than reading the gossips on the face book. Its ok to look at it once in a while but its is bad for your health. I will take a stroll in a quiet country lane at the beautiful sunset time rather than looking at the LCD screen. Look at the sky, look at the trees and the birds and let your blood flow through your body with walking exercise. As i get older(although i am not old yet) I want to enjoy the nature more. I had enough interactions with Jane and John Doe on the net. I hope you agree with me.

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