Fear of riding motorcycles

A couple of days ago, my colleagues told me that they were going to visit Twante this Friday. As I’ve wanted to go there for a long time now, I told them I will go with them. I’ve wanted to cross the Twante canal, visit the famous pagoda and also check out pottery making, but my mood was ruined when they told me they were going to rent motorcycles when they arrived in Twante as it would be expensive to rent a car.

I am afraid of riding motorcycles and I’ve only ridden it twice in my life. The first time was from the train station to the place I was staying in Pyinmana and the second time was in Chaung Thar Beach. I only rode them because I had no other choice.  I really can’t help thinking about all those horrible deaths of people who were riding on the motorcycles.  Maybe life in the city has spoiled me because Yangon is the only city that don’t allow motorcycles while the rest of the country has to rely to motorcycles due to lack of cars, buses, or taxis.

So, in the end, I told them I won’t go with them even though I really want to go there. Besides, I have been thinking about going to TAB Book Center to shop for some children books as I want to donate them to the libraries. Also, I have been helping out my sister with her translation project, which is very boring and low-paid. So, yeah…I’ll be spending another Friday at home again 😦


One thought on “Fear of riding motorcycles

  1. motorcycle phobia is quite common, the good news is you don’t need treatment, because you will have no risks by default…I heard many people died of motorcycle accidents in Mandalay every year…especially prime age youngsters lost their life or limbs…so sad…

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