Best Myanmar albums of 2013

Long time no see. I’ve been thinking of compiling a list of my favorite albums in 2013. I must admit that I didn’t listen to many albums this year, especially Myanmar albums. I think I only bought five albums this year – well, four albums and one album from online – and I only listened to three or four albums. I didn’t even download many Myanmar albums this year either.

Anyway, here are my favorite albums for this year. Please note that this list is based on what I’ve listened so far so some albums have not been added to this list yet, like Bunny Phyoe’s second album and Thein Linn Soe’s album.

1. Chill Session – Weed Tay Ta (Extraordinary) (၀ိေသသ)

I have to say this is the BEST album of 2013. I like all the songs and so it’s difficult to choose a favorite. The actual album was expensive as it cost 2,600 kyats but it was still worth it. You can buy this album at Myanmar Music Store for 1,800 kyats only.

2. Wanted – Ta Yauk Ta Nay Yar (Everyone from Different Places) (တစ္ေယာက္တစ္ေနရာ)

I didn’t buy their second album but I did manage to buy their third album. The songs will suit both rock and soft rock fans. My favorite song is A Hmat Ma Shi.

3. Snare – Ba Gyi Phyoe and U Nay Win (ဘႀကီးျဖိဳးႏွင့္ ဦးေန၀င္း)

If you want to listen to real hip-hop and not cheesy so-called hip-hop songs, I recommend this album as well, beside Weed Tay Ta. My favorite song is Bodyguard featuring Bunny Phyoe.

4. Ar-T – Candy

If you like electro and r&b music, Ar-T is the answer for you. To tell the truth, I’m not too big of a fan of electro music but his songs are good. My favorite song is Eain Mat Lay (Dream). It’s a remake of an old song composed by Saung Oo Hlaing and is also the album title of Moet Moet’s second album, but most of the lyrics are different.

5. Ni Ni Khin Zaw – Mario

Okay, I didn’t buy her album and I downloaded it because I was not a big fan of this singer. But, after watching the Sea Games opening ceremony, I became her fan so I have been listening to her songs. I still haven’t chosen a favorite yet.

credit album arts : Myanmar All Music Channel


2 thoughts on “Best Myanmar albums of 2013

  1. Ni Ni Khin Zaw has great voice and she can sing. she is cute too. but she makes herself cheap, she is singing everywhere in every occasions, she has no personal style..and not unique ..and she sings too much of other peoples’ songs..a bulb which is too bright will burnt out soon..

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