Self-learning may not be a proper title for this post but I couldn’t find a proper one. I know it’s been awhile since the last time I blogged and I even thought about quitting but lately, I’m feeling quite down and I read that writing can make me feel better. So, here I am.

Last night I read a post in Facebook written by a woman who wrote about her experience with Myanmar education system and how she became better educated only after she left the country and took a master degree from a university from abroad. In her post, she said she didn’t know anything for 28 years because the teachers did not give knowledge about subjects she wanted to learn. While I understand that half of what she has written about the education system is pretty much true, I still can’t understand why a person like her did not bother to take any other classes besides the ones taught in school and university. English has been taught in school since kindergarten and yet she can’t even say ‘small’ in English? That’s pretty hard to believe. I don’t know about her financial situations but few English classes taught in monasteries are inexpensive. I don’t know why she never bothered to take the classes. And yet, she blamed the teachers and the education system for not teaching her to how to say English properly. While I accept this fact, she should have tried to learn on her own.

I’m not saying that she should have learnt to speak fluently, but it’s quite obvious that she never made any efforts to learn on her own until she started living abroad and needed to speak in English to communicate. She also talked about how embarrassed she felt when she had to speak in front of her class in English and she always felt like people were making fun of her. While I can sympathize with her on this one, I can’t help thinking that maybe she lacked self-confidence.

I’ve noticed often that some people are afraid to talk in front of others such as in seminars or meetings even in their own languages. It’s kinda frustrating when people are keeping their mouths in meetings and then gossiping later. I also used to dislike speaking in front of people, especially strangers and I still do but when you have something to say, you have to swallow your fear and speak out. That’s the only way you can communicate with others. It’s the same thing when speaking in English. You should not be afraid to speak but do mind your grammar. I find it quite annoying when people can’t use do/does and am/is/are/was/were properly. Come on! This is elementary stuff. It’s okay if you mispronounce words or you don’t know the vocabularies but you should still know your basic grammar.


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