2NE1 in Myanmar Galaxy Stage

2NE1 in Myanmar Galaxy Stage poster

Since Kpopstarz published an article about YG Entertainment partnering with Samsung to hold a concert in Myanmar last month, local Blackjacks have been excited about it since rumors of 2NE1 coming to Myanmar has been circulating ever since the first Kpop concert was held at Thuwunna Stadium in Yangon in March.

A few days later, local media also started reporting about the concert but no details were released except that Samsung Myanmar will give free tickets to customers who buy Tab S.  An admin from 2NE1 Myanmar fan page told me that the ticket prices will be between 30,000 ($30) to 200,000 kyats ($200).

While Samsung Myanmar continued to be evasive about the ticket sales, Living Sound Entertainment has announced the ticket prices and plan today. (Actually, they have made a similar announcement on Sunday, but I didn’t know about that until now). According to them, there are four types of seat: Silver Standing for 25,000 kyats (US$25), Gold Standing for 40,000 kyats (US$40), Diamond Package for 250,000 kyats (US$250), and VIP & VVIP.

In other countries, the ticketing agency usually announces the ticket prices and seating plan in advance. In Myanmar, we still don’t know the seating plan for 2NE1 concert and the diamond package is too expensive while the other two packages are not too expensive but I have a bad feeling that they will be for the balcony seats. One of the fans who bought Tab S said the complimentary tickets given by Samsung are for seats right behind the VIP seats. I’m feeling disappointed because Samsung didn’t say anything about the seating plan when we asked them on their Facebook page. If I had known earlier, I would have bought Samsung Tab S and sell it back later. Now, Samsung Myanmar has announced that customers who buy Samsung Galaxy S5 will get free tickets as well. Darn it. I’ve already invested my money somewhere else and I can’t buy them now 😦

The tickets will only be sold on July 21, just two weeks before the actual concert. In other countries, tickets are usually sold in advance but it seems to be Myanmar way to do everything at the last minute.


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