2015 Kpop Concert Live in Yangon

A Kpop concert will be held in Yangon on June 16 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Myanmar and South Korea. The lineup includes popular r&b artist Ailee and hip-hop idol group BTS along with other newbie idol groups like N-Sonic, HALO, and A. KOR. 


Well, I’m excited that Ailee’s coming here. I have been a big fan of her since her debut. I don’t know much about BTS but I have listened to a couple of their songs and they are quite nice. I don’t know much about other idol groups except for A.KOR. Local Blackjacks (2NE1 fans) weren’t quite happy when they heard that A,KOR’s going to perform here because of its member Kemy’s diss track against Park Bom. Well, she has already apologized before her group made their debut but not many fans have forgiven them. I just hope they behave maturely when A.KOR performs on stage.

Many of the Kpop fans I know online are unsure about attending this concert because they have been saving their money for the Big Bang’s concert. So far, Big Bang hasn’t made any official announcement about the concert, but local concert organizer Living Sound Entertainment said the concert will be held earlier than July. I’m also waiting for this concert so I’m not sure whether I will be able to attend the Kpop concert.

Here’s a cute video of Ailee greeting the Myanmar fans. You can also find other videos of BTS and other artists greeting the local audience.



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