Aung Htet from Eain Mat Sone Yar

I admit that I’m not much of a fan of local singing competitions. I tried to watch them, but I usually ended up feeling annoyed at how the contestants are trying to sing in the same style as their idols so I thought they weren’t really creative. Well, even though I didn’t like them, Eain Mat Sone Yar’s quite popular in the country. I used to wonder what will happen to the winners of that singing competitions because there are like over 10 seasons now. Now, I’m pretty sure that this guy’s going to become a big star.

Last month, I started noticing Aung Htet, one of the contestants from Eain Mat Sone Yar (Yarthatpan), because of his cover of Sai Sai Kham Leng’s “Yee Sar Sar”. He totally turned the rap/pop song into his own style. At that time, I just thought “Okay, he’s nice.”.

This morning, I’d just decided to check out some of his performances on YouTube and his recent performance of “A Chit Bae Ka Sa” (Where does Love Start?) just totally blew me away. I also love his cover of “Yar Za Win Twin Mae A Chit”. If Sone Tin Par was still a judge, she would have been so proud of him.

Now, I’ve become a huge fan of him and I even tried to watch Eain Mat Sone Yar. Well, I got disappointed with one of the contestants so I think I better just stick to YouTube.

The only thing I worry is that his voice is a little similar to R Zarni. I wish he has a more distinctive voice – the kind of voice that people can easily recognize you just by listening to your song. But he’s very talented and I rarely praise local singers. I just hope that he will sing only ‘own-tuned’ songs when he release his album. I have no doubt that he will win the competition. He’s the best among all the contestants.

A Chit Bae Ka Sa

Yee Sar Sar

Yar Za Win Twin Mae A Chit

Tachin Myar Nae Lu

There are many more videos on YouTube and I haven’t checked them all out yet. Just search with the word ေအာင္ထက္ or အပ္ေထာင္.

You can also check him out at his Facebook page here.


9 thoughts on “Aung Htet from Eain Mat Sone Yar

  1. My dad is his big fan. Ever since he heard Aung Htet’s songs on facebook, he kept recommending us to listen which I have already listened even before he told us.
    I also like his Yee Sar Sar version. I don’t mean Sai Sai is not good. Anyway sai sai is original creator. But I can’t help but say I prefer Aung Htet’s version.

    I just feel that he still need to improve stage manner to look cooler. Show biz do need this kind of showmanship.
    Didn’t know you have been active on your blog. I wonder why don’t you share your post link on facebook.

    • Actually, my posts are automatically shared on Twitter after I post them and whatever I post on Twitter is automatically shared on Facebook so I didn’t feel the need to share the link again.

  2. Thank you for the post and I have felt same way. I would like to share your post at his fan page . It might be a great encouragement to him. Thanks again.

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