Disappointed with Ye Lay’s new album


I used to be a big fan of Ye Lay. If you look at my older posts, you will see that I had written about him a lot. But I stopped supporting him ever since he copied (or covered) GD & TOP’s High High in “Cheers” album. So, when he released his “Ya Khaut Bawa Pyint Nay Htaing Chin” album, I didn’t buy it. I downloaded the album six months later and was glad that I didn’t buy it because I didn’t like it that much and he did copied another Kpop song again. This time it was Seo In Guk’s Calling You. I only recognised that song so it was a bit tolerable even though I didn’t like it.

After he got married, he disappeared from the music scene from two years and was finally back. I was a bit excited and even thought about buying him album. Well, my mind changed quickly after a friend wrote that he copied (or covered) Lee Hi & Suhyun’s I’m Different song. I was disappointed and angry at the same time because I have become a YG stan (a fan of artists from YG Entertainment) over the years. I know it wasn’t his first time copying (or covering) YG songs but I was just tired of people copying YG songs.

Another person wrote that he also copied IU’s Friday so I decided to check his album out online. Just like that person said, he also copied IU’s Friday in the first track and the whistling part from his sixth track, Nar Lae Par, was an imitation of Hyunseung in Trouble Maker song. Come on…any Kpop fan will recognize it immediately.

I’m not writing this post simply to bash him. I’m only writing this because of my disappointment with him. I know he could do better. Out of all the albums he has released so far, his first album is still the best and I think most of the songs were own-tuned but I can be wrong.

You don’t need to copy songs in order to become a singer anymore. Now there are many young artists who have become famous without singing cover songs. It’s time the local singers stop breaching intellectual property rights. If you want to cover a song and use someone’s music as a sample, ask for permission and pay for it. Before you copy other people’s song, ask yourself whether you will like it if someone else copies your songs without your permission or paying you.

One more thing, don’t blame the fans if the YG stans decided to report your breach of IP rights to YG Entertainment. Well, I’m not going to do it but someone else might do it.

You can listen to his album online here.

http://www.zayok.com/1460_once more


2 thoughts on “Disappointed with Ye Lay’s new album

  1. wow, very strong words, excellent commentary, but i totally agree with you, a thief is a thief no matter what and how you steal.
    we need people like you to in Burma. who can speak up
    hope ye lay can take this as a constructive critique

  2. I havent listened yet. In the interview, he said all r owntune. And he really tried his best. Based on ur interview, he did it again then.

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