Htike Htike – Oh My God!


I bought this a few weeks after it was released last month. I almost didn’t buy it but I wanted to listen to it since she was from Me N Ma Girls and the album only costs 2,000 kyats for both audio CD and music video DVD.

For those who are unfamiliar with Htike Htike, she’s a former member of Me N Ma Girls (which was previously known as Tiger Girls). After she quit Me N Ma Girls, she and three other former members formed a new girl group named Myanmar Girls. Then, she released her solo album.

I must admit that I didn’t really like the album that much when I first listened to it except for a few songs. But, I kept listening to it several times mostly because I didn’t want my money wasted. Well, I’m glad that I did because I ended up liking most of the songs.

The album has 15 tracks, excluding the intro. It is a mixture of r&b, ballads, and pop. Only track 13 seems a bit out of place. I don’t really like such kind of songs.

01. Oh My God! feat Sandy Myint Lwin and Zico
02. U Ba Nyunt Ye Chit Dote Kha feat. Bo Bo Han
03. Lat Twal Phaw
04. Chit Chin Ko Ma Khwel Par Nae
05. Haung Tae A Chit
06. Bad Girl feat Soe Gyi and Cha Cha (Myanmar Girls)
07. Ape Phan Saunt
08. Myin Naing Lar
09. Kyel Party
10. Loot Myauk Ya Par Lo Ei
11. Atta Khan Tae Nya
12. Yone Htwe Lo Ma Ya
13. Wut Kyway
14. Hnit That Swar (feat. Orphans)
15. Nae Nae Lay Hlote Lite (bonus)

When I first saw the name Zico as a featuring artist for Oh My God!, I almost thought it was Zico from Block B. He’s actually a black guy. I think he’s from South Africa.

U Ba Nyunt Ye Chit Dote Kha is Bo Bo Han’s popular hit that has been covered several times. Ki Ki covered it in his album. I like the changes in the lyrics for Htike Htike’s part.

Chit Chin Ko Ma Khwel Par Nae is a cover of Htun Aeindra Bo’s song. In an interview, Htike Htike said she performed that song on Melody World singing competition so she included it in her album. This is my favorite song in the whole album.

The rest of the songs are nice but I didn’t like track 12 and track 15. Track 12 sounds like songs sung by Enya and track 15 sounds too much Ke$ha for me.

Overall, I felt satisfied with this album. If only I could say the same for the music video, but then I don’t really like watching music videos anyway.


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