[Album review] Ni Ni Khin Zaw – Red


It’s nearly a month since Ni Ni Khin Zaw released her second album titled “A Ni Yaung” (Red), but I never got around to writing the review even though I bought it a day after its release. So, here is my brief review.

I have to say this is so far the best album I have listened to this year. I love nearly all the songs. Before the release of her album, Ni Ni Khin Zaw said in interviews that the album would be different from her first album “Mario”. I was a little worried at first because I thought I would be disappointed with it but I actually liked it a lot more than her first album because I think she no longer sing cover songs in this album.

The album comprises 12 tracks.

  1. Super Red
  2. Hmaw Lint Sal
  3. Super Sunday
  4. Thitsar Ma Pyat Kyay
  5. U Kyaung Kyar
  6. Marry Me
  7. Achit Eain (duet with Wai La)
  8. Lwan Khwint Lay
  9. Thank You (feat. Lil’ Z)
  10. Yone Lite Tine Hmar
  11. Ma Lo Chin Buu……Sit
  12. Gal Bal (remix)

Super Red, Super Sunday, U Kyaung Kyar, Thank You, Yone Lite Tine Hmar, and Gal Bal (remix) are upbeat songs and the rest are ballads except for the duet song with Wai La.

My favorite tracks are Super Red, Hmaw Lint Sal, Super Sunday, Achit Eain, Thank You, Ma Lo Chin Buu…Sit, and Gal Bal.

The first track Super Red is more of a mix of her previous hits. I really like the chorus. Hmaw Lint Sal is a nice ballad with good lyrics. Super Sunday is about forgetting your worries and having fun on Sunday. I think she chose Sunday because many people have to work five and a half days or full six days and they only can rest on Sundays and public holidays (but this does not include my office, of course).

Achit Eain is a typical Wai La song but it’s still pretty catchy. Thank You is a r&B song with featuring by Lil’Z. Ma Lo Chin Buu…Sit is an anti-war song. She released the music video for this song a week before her album was released. It was directed by Maung Maung Thar Myint, the same director who directed the music video for her famous hit “Myaw Lin Chat Ta Sone Ta Yar”. A DVD of this music video is also included in the album. (Actually, I just found out now while I was checking her Facebook page. I only opened the album only once to rip the songs to my laptop and haven’t opened it again.)

She released the single titled “Gal Bal” earlier this year so she only included the remix version in her album. It’s about guys who don’t act manly. This one is also a popular song.

The only thing I don’t like about the album is its design. The shape is too long for me so I have to lay it front up on top of other albums at home instead of putting it side by side.


If you like this album, please buy it instead of downloading it for free or buying pirated copies. Fans from overseas can buy this from Myanmar Music Store.


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