Movie Review: Ramen Samurai


Ever since I quit my job, I seem to have more free time so I ended up watching more TV. As I’m a bit tired of Kdramas and variety shows, I’ve started checking out Japanese dramas and movies on Waku Waku Japan TV channel.

Tonight I watched “Ramen Samurai” movie, which aired after 9:30 pm. The story is about a man who quit his job as a graphic designer to take over his father’s noodle shop after he passed away. He tried to follow in his father’s footsteps by creating his own ramen signature.

At first, I thought the movie was going to be like “Le Grand Chef” and it will focus on how Hikaru tries to recreate his father’s ramen but his father seemed to the center of the plot. He made the best ramen in town but he spent all his earnings on alcohol and compensations for fights so his family lived a poor life.

Still, he was a nice person who rescued a mute girl from being sold into prostitution and gave her a job. When her father showed up at the noodle shop as a beggar, he set up a stall next to his stall so that they could make a living.

When the city started expanding, he was pressured to shut down his yatai (mobile stall). He resisted at first but his wife urged him to set up a noodle bar in a fixed place.

After he passed away, Hikaru tried his best to imitate his father’s receipe but he wasn’t successful. So, he tried to use his memory to recall what his father had taught him in the past and learn from an elder about how ramen were served in the past. He also had someone built him a yatai and decided to open it after he succeeded in creating his own ramen signature even though he didn’t get a license from the authorities.

It was a nice movie that was worth watching. The plot development was a bit slow sometimes but the acting was nice. The actor reminded me of Min Oak Soe, who got a life sentence for killing his editor.

Rating: 4/5

Photo credit:eigapedia


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