Deactivating from Facebook (Again)


It started as an angry reaction to people sharing their opinions on the ending of a novel on the day it was released. I thought that I had enough of this shit and I need to get away from these inconsiderate people who don’t give a damn about spoiler etiquette.

So, I deactivated both accounts (Yes. I have two accounts) but I can’t stay completely away from Facebook because of the nature of my work. It was one of the reasons why I kept logging back into Facebook a few days after I deactivated my account in the past. This time, I have already opened a totally new Facebook account and I only have one friend in this account and she’s also not using Facebook anymore. I’ve also followed a reading group I was following on Facebook. Aside from seeing strangers writing about the books they are reading or showing off their latest book hauls, I can easily browse Facebook to find the information I’m looking for without being distracted by my ‘friends’, which often happened to me in the past whenever I browse Facebook at work.

Staying away from Facebook was hard at first. I kept picking up my phone before remembering that I’m no longer using Facebook. In order to distract myself, I installed some apps like Diggs and Pocket to read interesting articles. Now, I don’t really pick it up that much anymore except to read with my Kindle app during my lunch break at work and when I’m waiting for the bus.

I found out that I have been able to read more without distraction and I have managed to finish the books from my currently-reading list on Goodreads. Other people have like two or three books in their list but I had 11 books so I really wanted to tidy up my list. So far, I have finished reading Jue’s latest novel, The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks (I only had 20 pages left), The Girl in the Picture by Kerry Barrett, and two short illustration books – All My Friends are Dead and All My Friends are Still Dead. The list is not long but it’s only been nine days.

I almost give in and I logged into Facebook for a few minutes last Sunday, but I was immediately sickened by all the people who are discussing a popular trend about an actresses showing off her nipple. I was like ‘Do I want to go back to this life? Hell No!’ and so I deactivated my account again and I haven’t logged in again.

Even so, I still can’t completely stay away from the trends on Facebook. It’s like people are always discussing what’s happening on Facebook when I’m at home or at work. The majority of the conversations always start with ‘Have you seen this xxxxx on Facebook?’ Can’t I even have a decent conversation without the other person discussing about what’s happening on Facebook? Maybe I’m being selfish. That’s why I keep my opinions to myself and not join their conversations.

Unlike some people who achieved something after deactivating their accounts, I probably won’t achieve anything. I won’t reconnect with friends via email or telephone and I will probably just spend my free time at home reading books or watching movies or dramas. I know I should get out more but I don’t like going out during the rainy season.

Although I deactivated my account, I’m still using Messenger app so I can keep in touch in my friends. But, I rarely chat with friends even when I was still using Facebook. In fact, I don’t really keep in touch with friends at all. I rarely have friends that wants to hang out with me. It used to bother me in the past especially when I was still using Facebook because I can see them having fun with other friends even though they never invited me. In the end, I stopped making efforts to be their friend and only chatted with those that care about me.


Still, I miss my friends. I miss reading about what’s happening to them and funny conversations with their kids. I also hate missing out on discounted books at a local bookstore, but perhaps it’s for the better. I really need to focus on the books I already have at home anyway. But, I don’t miss the internet trolls, rude comments, political rants, hoaxes, ‘like’ beggars, and online shopping pages that kept making me waste my money every month. Perhaps, I might go back one day, but I really don’t want around 600 friends in my account. I only want to have less than 100 friends and a lot of my ‘friends’ are going to be offended when they find out that I have unfriended them. Perhaps, I shouldn’t go back to Facebook.


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