Deactivating from Facebook (Again)


It started as an angry reaction to people sharing their opinions on the ending of a novel on the day it was released. I thought that I had enough of this shit and I need to get away from these inconsiderate people who don’t give a damn about spoiler etiquette. Continue reading


2015 Kpop Concert Live in Yangon

A Kpop concert will be held in Yangon on June 16 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Myanmar and South Korea. The lineup includes popular r&b artist Ailee and hip-hop idol group BTS along with other newbie idol groups like N-Sonic, HALO, and A. KOR.  Continue reading

My Brief Encounter with Kim Dongwan

Before you start reading this, I should warn you that I like to write chronologically to record my memory so you might be bored by some of the non-relevant stuffs. I wasn’t going to write this at first but I figure that I might want to read this back some day and besides maybe other Shinhwa fans might also want to read this. So, please bear with me or you can just scroll down to the end of the page. Continue reading

Myanmar Blogger Society’s 7th Anniversary

Six years ago, I was invited by Ko NLS to participate in “Why Do We Blog” seminar. At that time, I have been blogging for about two years but I still didn’t know much about blogging and I didn’t really know any other bloggers besides the ones I knew from Native Myanmar forum. Continue reading

Fear of riding motorcycles

A couple of days ago, my colleagues told me that they were going to visit Twante this Friday. As I’ve wanted to go there for a long time now, I told them I will go with them. I’ve wanted to cross the Twante canal, visit the famous pagoda and also check out pottery making, but my mood was ruined when they told me they were going to rent motorcycles when they arrived in Twante as it would be expensive to rent a car. Continue reading