Movie Review: Ramen Samurai


Ever since I quit my job, I seem to have more free time so I ended up watching more TV. As I’m a bit tired of Kdramas and variety shows, I’ve started checking out Japanese dramas and movies on Waku Waku Japan TV channel. Continue reading


Kayan Beauties Review


(Photo credit: Kayan Beauties)

Ever since I read in the Myanmar Times news journal about the Kayan Beauties movie several years ago, I have been dying to watch the movie because the idea is quite unique and I have been wanting to watch local movies that aren’t low-grade comedies and family dramas. Finally, the Kayan Beauties hit local cinemas in Yangon today so I went to the nearest cinema immediately after I finished my morning classes today. Continue reading

Exams Are Drawing Near Again

My second semester exam will start on the March 21. Just 17 days left before the exam and what have I been doing lately? Not studying but watching movies in my free times. It started with my frustration over EAP subject. The teacher told us to prepare 4 questions for now so I wrote the first two thinking that I should get an early start on that subject since it was my least favorite subject. But, then, she told us that she changed her mind and the first question has to be replaced with another and we don’t need to focus on the second question. Why didn’t she tell us from the start? The only good thing that came out of this was that I now have listened to a lot of Myanmar R&B songs while writing them on the computer.

So, out of frustration, I have watched a couple of movies to clear my mind. I have watched Inception (I still haven’t gotten back my copy yet, I had to rent from a friend), Camp Rock 2, Backup Plan, Breakfast at Tiffany, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and half of Prince Caspian. I enjoyed watching most of them, but Inception really blew my mind. I regretted not watching it sooner. I was never a big fan of the first Camp Rock, but I like the second one. I finally realize that I don’t really dislike the Jonas Brother. It was only Joe Jonas that gets on my nerves. Why couldn’t Nick have been the lead instead?

I was looking forward to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ever since my sister and her boyfriend went to see it at Naypyitaw cinema. I also had wanted to watch it at the cinema, but I had nobody to go with so in the end, I waited for the DVD release. Although I was longing to see Caspian (Ben Barnes) again, I didn’t expect him to have gotten so handsome. I could barely focus on the plot since my eyes were only on him πŸ˜› After the movie ended, I wasn’t ready to part with Caspian again so I watched half of the second movie before going to sleep last night. He was cute in that one, but much better in the last one.

After I finish watching Prince Caspian, I’ll really start my studying. I have to work on Sociolinguistics subject now. Since we have done the assignment on code-switching, I think I can write well on that topic.

The Social Network

A few days ago, my friend asked me what I understand by the term ‘social network’. She was referring to the topic mentioned in the textbook, but I could only think of Facebook as a better example. For instance, when she was explaining about ‘dense network’, a situtation in which A knows B, B knows C, and C knows A, I was thinking about the ‘mutual friends’ function. A ‘multiplex network’ might refer to the situation in which A and B are in a relationship and they are also members of a particular group, e.g. MYIA :P.

If I was chosen to give a presention on that topic, that’s how I would have presented using examples from real-life situation.

Even in the class, I was discussing about “The Social Network” movie with my classmate. I asked her about her opinion of intellectual right. That whole situation in the movie was quite controversial and I still don’t know who’s right or wrong.

Chit Chinn Ei Pyin Sha Sha Yin Khone Than

“Chit Chinn Ei Pyin Sha Sha Yin Khone Than” is a remake of a movie (video) based on Lun Htar Htar’s novel. The original movie was released either in 1997 or 1998 and it featured major movie stars Dwe and Soe Myat Thuzar. I don’t recall the original title, but it has something to do with the “La Min Chit Thu” song. The new remake, with Pyay Thi Oo and Thet Mon Myint, is a little different from the original although it’s basically the same story about a girl who was crazily in love with her friend and expresses herself openly. Actually, this kind of behavior is called “မိန္းမေနာက္ပိုး” in Myanmar. I can’t find the exact translation for that word in English. It means a girl who courts a guy instead of the other way around. Such kind of behavior is frowned upon in our country. They even blamed Korean dramas for making girls believe that she can confess their love openly. But, I’m not going to talk about that issue. So, let’s just focus on this story.

Sat Ma Ma Ko is hopelessly in love with Nyi Thu Ta who is in the same Medical College with her. She would often walk to and fro in front of him, hoping to make him notice her. Unfortunately, Nyi Thu Ta is a bookworm and it takes quite a long time for him to look up from his book. Besides, she is not his type at all. She’s very clumsy, talkative, and not ladylike at all.

So, one day, she borrowed her mother’s clothing and attempted to act like a lady in front of him, but all was in vain when she discovered that her friends stole her wallet and she ran after them while cursing them. She would often bother him while he’s studying just to strike a conversation. Even though he was pretty annoyed with her, he considered her a friend and tried to help her with the study, even when she’s barely awake.

As the years passed, their relationship deepens. They were still in school, but they also have to start reporting to the hospitals. (In Myanmar, we call it “House α€†α€„α€Ήα€Έα€α€šα€Ή”. I don’t think it’s the same as being an intern ‘cuz they haven’t graduated from the medical school yet). Sat Ma Ma met an poor elderly woman who was unable to buy her medicines so she promised to buy them for her. But, when she went back to the hospital, the elderly woman had been discharged from the hospital. Still determined to hand in the medicines along with some other presents, she asked Nyi Thu Ta to drive her to the village where the woman was living. It was a bit far away from the city, but since they had a car, they could come back quickly. When they arrived to her village, they had to cross a very narrow bamboo bridge that has only one railing. Sat Ma Ma was wearing high heels, but she managed to cross it with Nyi Thutta’s help.

When they arrived at the house, the elderly woman gave back two gourds as presents. Nyi Thu Ta didn’t want them, but Sat Ma Ma accepted them as she didn’t want to hurt the woman’s feelings. On the way back from the house, they bickered about bringing gourds. Upon reaching the bamboo bridge, Nyi Thu Ta didn’t help Sat Ma Ma at all while she had to cross it holding the gourds while wearing high-heels. They were also still bickering when suddenly; she fell off the bridge into the water below. Nyi Thu Ta jumped into the water to help her and got her back on the bridge. Not only were they stinking wet, but to their dismay, they also lost the car key. As there was no way to get back home that day and the sun was already setting, Nyi Thu Ta made up his mind and asked her to elope with him. Of course, Sat Ma Ma was ecstatic to accept his proposal.

They had a grand wedding and it just wouldn’t be Sat Ma Ma without any mishaps. And they had a daughter who was exactly like Sat Ma Ma. I felt sorry for Nyi Thu Ta :P.

Compared to the original version, the ending was different. In the original movie, they didn’t show the young daughter in her childhood. Instead, her daughter grew up to become a Medical College student and like her mother, she was desperately in love with her friend. One day, after eating out with her friends, she felt sleepy so she went to sleep in her friend’s car. But, she got into the wrong car and slept in the boy’s car instead. Her parents got worried when she didn’t come home and they called everyone, including the boy. He had no clue that she was sleeping in his car and he only found out in the morning. So, he decided to elope with her. When he returned the daughter to her parents, he lied about the reason for eloping, but her father asked him whether he has lost his car key or something. Ha ha. I remember this clearly because that boy was Thet Ti.

I used to dislike Thet Mon Myint because she was bad at acting and her voice was extremely weak. I had only seen her in political movies on TV and I had decided not to rent any of her movies. I didn’t watch any of her movies until I watched “Venus’s Love” and I was really impressed with her. Also in this movie, she was really hilarious. My favorite scene is when she was lighting the candles at the pagoda and her hair caught on fire.

Although I can’t remember much of the original movie except the ending, I think the casts were a bit older to be medical students while Pyay Ti Oo and Thet Mon Myint were more suitable for the roles.
Note: I actually wrote this five/six months ago, but I never got around to posting it. Even though it’s no longer a new video, it seemed such a waste not to post it.