[Album review] Ni Ni Khin Zaw – Red


It’s nearly a month since Ni Ni Khin Zaw released her second album titled “A Ni Yaung” (Red), but I never got around to writing the review even though I bought it a day after its release. So, here is my brief review. Continue reading


Htike Htike – Oh My God!


I bought this a few weeks after it was released last month. I almost didn’t buy it but I wanted to listen to it since she was from Me N Ma Girls and the album only costs 2,000 kyats for both audio CD and music video DVD. Continue reading

Disappointed with Ye Lay’s new album


I used to be a big fan of Ye Lay. If you look at my older posts, you will see that I had written about him a lot. But I stopped supporting him ever since he copied (or covered) GD & TOP’s High High in “Cheers” album. So, when he released his “Ya Khaut Bawa Pyint Nay Htaing Chin” album, I didn’t buy it. I downloaded the album six months later and was glad that I didn’t buy it because I didn’t like it that much and he did copied another Kpop song again. This time it was Seo In Guk’s Calling You. I only recognised that song so it was a bit tolerable even though I didn’t like it. Continue reading

Aung Htet from Eain Mat Sone Yar

I admit that I’m not much of a fan of local singing competitions. I tried to watch them, but I usually ended up feeling annoyed at how the contestants are trying to sing in the same style as their idols so I thought they weren’t really creative. Well, even though I didn’t like them, Eain Mat Sone Yar’s quite popular in the country. I used to wonder what will happen to the winners of that singing competitions because there are like over 10 seasons now. Now, I’m pretty sure that this guy’s going to become a big star. Continue reading

Best Myanmar albums of 2013

Long time no see. I’ve been thinking of compiling a list of my favorite albums in 2013. I must admit that I didn’t listen to many albums this year, especially Myanmar albums. I think I only bought five albums this year – well, four albums and one album from online – and I only listened to three or four albums. I didn’t even download many Myanmar albums this year either. Continue reading

MTV EXIT Live in Myanmar Concert: Part 2

We were finally inside the Square and I didn’t know why we had to wait such a long time to get inside. It still was quite empty so we get the chance to pick our spots. Instead of standing close to the stage, we decided to stand near the media corner with the crowd control barriers on our back. We figured that it was safer there because we will not be pushed around much by the crowd and if something happens, we can call for help. Continue reading

Myanmar Idol

A new singing contest program titled “Myanmar Idol” will be aired on MRTV on July 19 at 5:30 p.m. In this new program, twenty-four contests, who have passed the preliminary sound checking or audition, will be competing by singing A Tin Cho Swe’s songs.

The twenty-four contestants will be divided into 6 groups with 4 people in each groups and the best contestant from each group will be selected for the final stage. In this stage, the six remaining contestants will have to compete for become the Vocal Star, who would have the chance to sing a duet with A Tin in the coming album from this program.A Tin will be acting as one of the judges in the contest.This is the second program by Laser World Company and the first program was a singing contest on Naw Naww songs.


I remember seeing the billboard poster for that Naw Naww singing contest and I thought the name ‘Myanmar Idol’ was inappropriate because the contestants are only competing in singing songs by a single person, unlike American Idol. The first singing contest wasn’t aired on TV, and so I’m kind of looking forward to the new program. Truthfully, I don’t watch such kind of programs on TV, mainly because I am uninterested in hearing people who sound nearly like famous singers. Also, such kind of singing contests actually encourage plagiarizing because most of the songs sang are covered songs. If you listen to the Melody World music albums, you will notice that all of the songs (I think) are newly written, but none are original. Nobody bother to sing R&B or anything else at the contest. It was the same old pop and rock songs. I wonder how the judges will react if the contestant decided to sing a different version of a well-know song, kind of like Adam Lambert changing a disco song into a ballad in “If I Had You”, which btw is one of my favorite song among the songs he sang in American Idol.

I have never really watched American Idol before as it is only available on the satellite channel. I wasn’t even interested in that show until last year when I stumble upon the songs by Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. I saw American Idol DVDs in Chinatown, but I was only interested in season 8 and it wasn’t available.

Ref: The Myanmar Times