Rise in crimes in Yangon

Lately, I have been noticing many stories of crimes and attempted crimes happening around Yangon on Facebook and although not all of them are being reported by local media, these crimes seemed to coincide with the release of prisoners on the presidential amnesty. The authorities may try to deny it, but they can’t deny the fact that two police officers were stabbed to death by a man they were trying to capture. It turned out that the man was recently released from prison with the presidential amnesty. Continue reading


2NE1 in Myanmar Galaxy Stage

2NE1 in Myanmar Galaxy Stage poster

Since Kpopstarz published an article about YG Entertainment partnering with Samsung to hold a concert in Myanmar last month, local Blackjacks have been excited about it since rumors of 2NE1 coming to Myanmar has been circulating ever since the first Kpop concert was held at Thuwunna Stadium in Yangon in March. Continue reading

My Brief Encounter with Kim Dongwan

Before you start reading this, I should warn you that I like to write chronologically to record my memory so you might be bored by some of the non-relevant stuffs. I wasn’t going to write this at first but I figure that I might want to read this back some day and besides maybe other Shinhwa fans might also want to read this. So, please bear with me or you can just scroll down to the end of the page. Continue reading